Jennifer Garner Picks Up Her Snuggly Violet

After doing some shopping earlier today, Jennifer Garner picked up her tutu-wearing daughter Violet, 3. Violet was very snuggly with her mommy, who is expecting her and husband Ben Affleck’s second child sometime soon – most readers think in January!

Photos: Breeden, Andrade,

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  1. shirilicious

    It doesn’t look like she has dropped, so I think this baby won’t be due until January.
    The closer someone gets to their due date, the more curious I am if it will be a boy or a girl.
    And for some reason I hope it will be a really riot kid, one that isn’t smiling all the times, who gives mommy and daddy a hard time, LOL.

  2. Kirsty

    They look so cute together! Violet looks so like her mum.

  3. Jan

    Jen really needs to let that child walk. All of the other celebrities do it. Suri Cruise is seen walking all of the time in spite of photogs. That kid is HUGE and should really not be treated like a baby any more. Jennifer is way too over-protective.

  4. Anonymous

    I’d be overprotective too if people were outside my house and my kids school taking pictures of her. The judging of these people gets so old. Who cares if a mom carries her 3 year old everywhere. Get over it!

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