Tom’s Little Princess

Tom Cruise flashes that famous smile as he carries his 2 1/2-year-old daughter Suri – with sippy cup in hand into a waiting car outside of their NYC apartment on Wednesday.

Tom recently admitted he admires some of the paparazzi shots of Suri saying, “I have to say some of those paparazzi shots of my daughter are incredible.”


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  • Dea

    Jeez, how obvious can he get carrying Suri like that? he might as well carry a mike, put spotlights around them and scream,”take a pic, look at us!”

  • He’s pimping her hard because “Valkyrie” is already getting called a flop. A Nazi movie on Christmas day, what was he thinking?

  • Vandy

    Put a d*mn coat on that kid, it’s COLD outside!

  • Theresa

    Why does she need a BLANKET??? And why is she wearing a dress at this time of season??? I know this is commonly asked but seriouslyyyyyyyyyy come on NOW.

  • Willow

    She is wrapper in a blanket b/c she refuses to wear a coat or pants and b/c they believe in Scientology, they can’t force her. Its not right to bring your child up to think everyone will cater to them just b/c their religion states she should not be upset…

  • Audrey

    Why a dress? Why not? My daughters wore lots of dresses year round. And I wear dresses year round. Also, she appears to have leggings or tights on.

    Tom isn’t wearing a coat so maybe it wasn’t that bad of weather. Possibly the blanket will be used to lay on if tired at their destnation.

  • Aribella

    He was carrying her to a waiting car. she does not need a coat or pants if she has the blanket around her. all but one arm is covered. give me a break. why can’t children dress the way they want to?

  • Jen

    Hey at least she’s using a cuppy now and not still on those Platex bottles :/

  • sammmy

    Ok but dressing up your kid in a dress constantly just because she REFUSES to wear pants.. that sounds stupid?

  • Aribella

    She likes dresses. If your daughter refused to wear dresses, would you force her to just because you thought she might be more comfortable? This has nothing to do with scientology. This has to do with allowing a child to feel a bit of independence in an area where it is entirely appropriate to do so. Perhaps part of the problem with this generation of children is that their parents are too controlling over the issues that really make no difference at all.

  • Audrey

    If a child prefers dresses over pants, it is a battle not worth fighting. It wasn’t that long ago that girls didn’t wear pants often. It wasn’t until I was in high school that public schools allowed girls to wear pants to school.

    What if she hated dresses. Would one force her too because it was a formal affair, or a holiday? Nah, her wearing of dresses shouldn’t be a big deal.

  • Katrina

    I carry my daughter like that all the time. If its just a quick jaunt somewhere, she likes to see where we are going. You guys would read anything into naything. get over it. I woudlnt wear jeans when i was a kid. You know why? Becuase jeans ARENT comfortable, espeacially when you go from being a baby and wearing all soft clothes. I wore leggings constantly,a nd it wasnt a big issue. She wears a coat when its really cold. Shes not sick or shivering, theres nothing wrong with letting your kids wear what they like to and are comfortable in.

  • Lioness

    I wear dresses now, and I live in the Northeast, where it’s brick cold outside every day. I don’t see anything wrong with Suri and her dresses, as long as they keep her in tights. And that blanket looks warm to me. AND it looks like he’s carrying a white coat as well, which may be hers. Why are we still talking about this? (as I press the ‘Enter’ bar to submit my comment talking about this 😉 )

  • Sherry

    I wonder if Suri’s biological father will ever surface?

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