Pregnant Carnie Wilson Starting To Show

Pregnant Carnie Wilson stopped by McDonald’s for an ice cream cone after dropping her Benz off for service.

Carnie recently revealed that she is expecting her second child in June. The 40-year-old singer stated how much motherhood means to her: “The most joy you ever can feel is the love for your child. Children teach you so much. Motherhood is challenging, but it’s so fun.”

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  • Jenna

    I’m due in June too and although I wasn’t as big as Carnie to begin with, I do not look that far along.

    The stops for ice cream were what lead to her downfall the last time. I bet she is going to weight even more than she did with the last pregnancy.

    She makes me feel sad for her, on the one hand, and wanting to get her serious psychiatric help on the other hand. If she wasn’t such a glutton for the media attention, I think she would be much better off. She seems to be always trying to compete with her sister, Chyna. If she would just enjoy the family she has and stop telling the media all her sex details, she would be better off. I for one am tired of hearing how she plans to “mount her husband” and how many times they had sex to get pregnant.

  • Anonymous

    You start to show faster with your second pregnancy. And not to be rude, who says all that is pregnancy belly? She could have had a little pooch before, but now she’s 3 or so months along, it makes it look even bigger.

    Give the poor woman the benefit of the doubt.

  • antigoniem

    Chyna isn’t Carnie’s sister. Her sister’s name is Wendy.

  • Dea

    Hope she will stop with morning sickness/craving/sex during pregnancy interview details. She is TMI overload!

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