Sarah & James Make A Run For It

It seems that Sarah Jessica Parker and her 6-year-old son James were running a little late getting to school this morning in the West Village. The two held hands as they hurried down the street, but James’ bag was too heavy, so his mom took it instead!


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  • Just Saying

    He’s an adorable kid, really…but it’s like no effort is put into his appearance. I know he’s 6 but his hair is always disheveled, wind or no wind. And his pants are always a few inches too short. Sarah may want to reconsider hand me downs for clothes that fit. And most times she is so put together.

  • Georgia Lee

    I agree 100% with comment number 1…I have never seen that boys hair combed or pants that fit him.

  • gini

    I agree with both of you girls. You wouldnt think a celebrity in the spotlight all the time would neglect her child like that. And yes I think not brushing your kids hair or dressing them in clothes that fit is neglect. It actually makes me mad.

  • I’m thinking that this must be the kids favorite pair of pants. He is in them all the time! High-waters drive me nuts, plus she’s wearing pants that touch her shoes so apparently she doesn’t enjoy them herself. I don’t get why the child is wearing fifty dollar shoes (past post) and the same pair of too short pants. So that’s why I’ve come up with the theory that this must be his fav pair and she just can’t get him out of them. Hopefully….

  • Anonymous

    Oh please. He’s a 6 year old little boy going to school. He seems perfectly happy, heathly, and content to me. His clothes don’t matter.

  • shirilicious

    Someone call the fashion police, this kids pants are too short! Oh, and obviously SJP doesn’t comb her son’s hair every other hour … where is child welfare when you need them?
    This kid has weather appropriate and clean clothes on and as anon said he looks happy, loved and just generally content in every single picture I’ve seen so far of him.
    I love looking at well dressed and fashionable people just like the next person, but this is a six year old child. Does it really matter when he isn’t dressed to the nines?

  • Lioness

    Lol, people complain that Suri only wears clothes that are too dressy, and then complain that little James isn’t dressed up enough. Some people are never satisfied, lol. Guys, it’s okay if his pants are a little short, or that his hair is disheveled. It’s not a big deal. He’s 6! If you’ve noticed, he and his hair always look CLEAN, and his clothes do too. And anyway, I’m with Nicole- I’m thinking this might be his favorite pair. I used to babysit a kid who absolutely refused to wear anything but a pair of cargo pants just like James’- I mean, he would sit in front of the washer/dryer when the pants were being laundered, and wait until they were ready to put them immediately back on. So his mom bought him two pairs and forgot about it. Made her life easier. This went on for at least a year, and as he grew, the pants got very short, as you can imagine. Yet she still let him wear them. He eventually outgrew them- mentally and physically 🙂 Maybe the same will happen for James.

  • Tasha

    He always looks so happy and I see a lot of pictures of his parents spending quality time with him. Rather than having a nanny or someone else take him to school, his parents do. There aren’t a huge chunk of celebrities that do this. Lay off the way he is dressed!

  • Amanda

    I agree leave the pants issue alone,maybe he went through a growth spurt after she bought them and rather than spend more money even though they have it on more pants she’ll just use these til he outgrows them weight wise.He is a happy healthy well groomed little boy and it’s probably just the wind blowing his hair and lets face it no kid has perfect hair its always a little messy.My nephews wear pants that are to short bc the ones that aren’t are to big for them are to long to wear.I dont get the fuss,it’s a pair of pants he’s just a little kid and he likes them Ryder Robinson also wears a pair of strip pants like James and I do believe Ryders are to short too maybe its just the style of pants.

    I give SJP and Matthew kudo’s you rarely see James with a nanny I’ve seen one photo as a matter of fact other than that he’s with mom or dad and seems sooo happy and content why fight and fuss over a pair of pants that are an inch or two to short?

  • Anonymous

    Can’t she afford clothes that fit him?! And does he ever bathe or wash his hair. He always looks like he rolled out of bed and put his ill-fitting clothes on and walked out the door. Sheesh!

  • Ann

    James is a doll! She must let him choose his own clothes. I know she said he wears hand me downs also. They look like twins. Too cute 🙂

  • justme

    Yeah, so he looks happy and all, but looking at these pics it’s obviously cold outside (gloves, down jacket…) and his legs must be really cold!? That’s what bothers me most about his pants, they not only don’t look good and seem to be too small, but that poor kid must be freezing in them!

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