The Kidman-Urbans Take Europe By Storm

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban and their 4 1/2-month-old daugther Sunday Rose were seen leaving the Ritz Hotel in Madrid.

The family of three have been seen all over Europe lately as Nicole is promoting her new film Australia. Does Spain have carseat laws – why is Nicole holding Sunday in the backseat of a vehicle?

Photos: Flynet

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  1. Pencils

    Who cares about laws–I would never allow my baby daughter to ride in a car if she wasn’t strapped into a carseat!

  2. Lora

    No one can assume from this picture that Nicole is “riding” with Sunday not strapped in. From what i can see, she is just sitting in the seat, probably to keep the mob from getting to her baby, while she is waiting for someone to bring her a carseat. That’s what I “Assume”!

  3. tess

    she’s probably waiting for Keith or something like that.
    Sunday is really sweet and in this photos I think she looks like her daddy. really cute. I’m happy for them.

  4. Lala

    I hate to be exploitative, but I would love to see a good shot of her face, it looks like she resembles Keith, but its hard to tell from the side.

  5. Meg

    If a seat were actually being used, then put the baby in the seat in the hotel & strap the seat into the car once you get in. Nicole has been quoted in her recent interviews that she wanted to protect Sunday Rose & that she wanted to keep her in a bubble. She sure hasn’t had a problem allowing the paps to photograph away while she’s been promoting this movie. She’s smiling straight at them. I’d also like to know if Keith Urban is ever allowed to hold his child.

  6. kara

    There are pictures of Keith and Nicole getting off the plane in Rome coming from Madrid and Keith is carrying Sunday Rose in her car seat. There are also pictures of them getting off the plane in Paris and Sunday is being carried in her car seat.

    The car is not moving and Keith doesn’t even appear to be in the car yet so how can you assume that she is riding holding Sunday on her lap.

    Sunday is adorable and I think she does look like Keith.

  7. Baboon

    I agree that no matter what a baby should be riding n a car seat (and as someone has already pointed out they have a and USE a car seat), however, in some countries it is not mandatory to use a car seat in hired cars or taxis.

  8. Pencils

    I don’t think she’s waiting for someone to arrive with a car seat–can you imagine installing a seat into the car–particularly into what is probably a strange car–while the paparazzi are swarming around? I do like Nicole, and I don’t think people should jump all over what is seen in paparazzi photos, as they only tell part of the story, but people do foolish things at times, especially under stress, such as when pursued by photographers.

  9. Aribella

    um since when do moderators get to place opinions like that in the actual post and not comments? The comment about the car seat is very judgemental. Definitely something for the comment section instead. No one knows what she was doing there and we cannot tell what is going on. Perhaps Keith had gotten the car seat out already and she was waiting for him to come back, if they were going ot be taking a different car later.

  10. Aribella, Jenny wasn’t being judgemental, she was asking a question.

  11. Anon

    It looks like she got into the car first because you can see the empty space beside her then you see Keith sitting beside her still carrying the bags and a carseat in the middle in some of the other pictures. I would guess that it was a case of Nicole and her daughter getting into the car instead of waiting for the carseat to be fixed in the car. Looking at the audience, I would say that was the best option.

    I can’t believe that the baby is 5 months and the most people have seen of her is about 4 or 5 sets of pictures and she was in a sling in about 2 sets! Even in the recent pics, they get out of a building straight into their car! Very protective.

  12. Jenny

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. Honestly, I think Nicole is a great mom and I didn’t mean to judge her mothering skills. I can see how my questioning came across as such and I thank you for keeping me ‘in check.’

  13. Ruby

    Wow! She’s probably waiting for the car seat. You know that’s not her car.

    She’s never going to read this so why attack her? If you don’t have anything good to say then keep it to yourself.

    Don’t be so quick to judge.

  14. Anon

    Jenny, don’t worry about it. Sometimes, pictures don’t tell the whole story :). I saw the first picture of just her and the baby and wondered, too but then I saw other pictures where the baby seat and Keith were in the car later and just put two and two together.

  15. Lioness

    Does anyone actually know what Nicole really looks like, to tell if Sunday favors her or Keith more? Nicole looks like her face is fully plastic to me, so I guess I can say- if Sunday doesn’t look like Keith at all, then she must look like Nicole?

    Just jokes, guys, don’t slay me…

  16. RA

    Nicole looks younger now than she did back on the set of Days of Thunder when she had the red hair and was just starting out. That is just weird!

  17. melanie

    from what i can see, keith is carrying the car seat in his right hand.

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