Tom Cruise: These Past Few Years Have Been ‘Wild’

Tom Cruise has indeed has a wild ride these past few years – on one hand, he fell in love with and married Katie Holmes and the two of them had a daughter, 2 1/2-year-old Suri; but on another, it seemed that almost overnight, the public turned on him. Instead of the adoration he’d earned as an A-list actor, he was subjected to endless tabloid rumors, a career that literally seemed to stop in its tracks, and even conspiracy theories that Suri not really his child. But it seems Tom is back on his feet again, ready to prove to the world – and New York Times Style magazine – that he still belongs on the A-list.

On the last few years: “I’ve had some wild times before, but this year definitely hit a new level of wild. I was like, well, all right: strap in, put your seat belts on, five-point harness on, because we’re going to hit the wall. I don’t know where this thing is going, but I’m going to keep my foot on the accelerator. Just hang on, kids. [Laughs] It’s been wild.”

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On if he reads what’s written about him: “I’ve read it. I know it. I’ve seen it. Look, I’ve gone through this for so many years. You have to have a very thick skin and a very thin skin. But the last few years have been extreme. And you’re going, What the hell? This is really beyond the pale.”

On if he worries that his career is really over: “I don’t know about that stuff. All I know is that fear has always been there in my life, but you have to ignore it. People always say, ‘‘You’re only that.’’ After ‘‘Risky Business,’’ it was, ‘‘You’re only that.’’ After ‘‘Top Gun,’’ they said, ‘‘You’re only that.’’ Those kind of roles were the only ones that I was offered: after ‘‘Risky Business,’’ all they offered me were sex comedies and I said no. They told me if said no, I would lose my audience. And I didn’t. No matter what is going on in my life, no matter how much pressure or scrutiny, I always go back to that kid in the movie theater who just wants to make films. I don’t want to be what people want me to be. I’ve had my own challenges, and no matter what, I think, How do want to live my life? So even people saying I might lose my audience, that thought has always been there. I have ignored it before, and I will again.”

On thing getting worse after Suri was born: “I don’t even have words for what was written then. There wasn’t one thing I could do to stop it. I knew Kate was strong when met her, but no matter how much you warn someone beforehand, you don’t know what this life is like until you’re in it. I wanted that life, that adventure, but it was not the life wanted for my family.”

On if he wishes he could normal things like trick-or-treat with Suri: “But I do take the kids trick-or-treating. Kate and I dress up. We have different masks and we’ll go trick-or-treating. We’ll wear costumes and paint Suri’s face, and we’ll go to different neighborhoods and it’s a blast.”

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