Salma Hayek & Her Little Cutie

Salma Hayek, 42, and daughter Valentina Paloma Pinault were spotted shopping in West Hollywood, on Friday.

The Academy Award nominated actress credits her 1-year-old daughter for her new time management skills. “I was a workaholic and a control freak,” she says. “I thought that’s what kept it going. But once that baby was born, I wanted to do nothing but stare at her. I realized I could step outside the business and do a lot less but a lot more effectively.”


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  1. Sam

    Aww Valentina’s so cute!

    Look at how long her legs are; Valentina is going to be tall girl.

  2. Lioness

    Aaaaahhhh, Valentina! How I’ve missed her, lol!!! So cute!

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