The Klum Kids Make Some Art

Heidi Klum took her three kids – Leni, 4 1/2, Henry, 3, and Johan, 2 – to Color Me Mine store in Beverly Hills, California on Sunday. Joining them were grandma Erna and their nannies. The family had fun with various art projects – Heidi painted a green frog on a teacup and Henry left his hand print on a mug after he helped his nanny with a T-Rex. Leni, wearing a little makeup, and little brother Johan painted. The next day, dad Seal rejoined the family for a little shopping at The Grove.

Photos: revolutionpix/Bauergriffinonline; Splash News

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  • shirilicious

    Is this Leni in the red sweater? She looks much older than 3 years old.

  • gia

    i know her mom is a supermodel & little girls sometimes love makeup, but is leni wearing eyeshadow? she is such a pretty little girl & needs her face washed…

  • Ava

    I’m sorry, but can’t they do something with the boys’ hair? It looks awfully nappy. Just cut it or something. Their dad is bald, so why can’t they shave it down short? They look so unkept.
    I didn’t know it took nannies to take your kids to paint.

  • Lioness

    Shirilicious, Leni’s almost 5. Not sure what their dad being bald has to do with the state of the boys’ hair, but… nappy? They are half Black, and therefore, have tightly coiled (especially Henry) locks. Nothing they can do about it, that’s how it grows out of their head. I hate the word ‘nappy’- in reference to hair, it means nothing. To me, their hair always looks clean and groomed, if not necessarily neat. But isn’t that the idea- to just let the hair be the way it grows out? So many people rock their hair this way, and it looks great! I think it does on the kids too.

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