Last Day To Enter: Giveaway – Jewels And Pinstripes Celebrity “BUMP” Bag (Valued Over $3000)

Baby on the way? Enter to win a Celebrity “BUMP” Bag valued at over $3000 for you and your baby!

Are you expecting a little one and in need of some of the latest and greatest baby items? Jewels and Pinstripes, Celebrity and VIP Gift Bags Creator for Charity and High Profile Events, has just the gift bag for you! The Celebrity “BUMP” Bag includes some of the most hip, useful and fun baby items out there and we are giving one away! Jewels and Pinstripes has designed these bags for stars such as Kevin and Christine Costner, Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa, Ryan and Trista Sutter, Brad Paisley and Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Dave Grohl and Jordyn Blum, and Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof.

Jewels and Pinstripes has filled them with the most necessary and trendy mommy and baby products from companies such as Tot-to-go Design Inc., WubbaNub, Peanut Shell, Daniel Green, Kickin Maternity, Beba Bean and Sweet Shoes just to name a few. Click here to view more pictures and products in the Celebrity “BUMP” Bag.

*HOW TO ENTER* Leave a comment here with a valid email address (will not be published). Please state your favorite product in the Celebrity “BUMP” Bag and 1 winner will be chosen at random at the end of the contest. One entry per person, per day. This contest ends Wednesday, December 10th at 7 P.M. EST. Entries are welcome from US residents only. Good luck!

Congrats to the winners of our Uncommonly Cute giveaway: Bing, Sandra, Gia, Kiki & Mary Kate!

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  1. Minhluu

    Wow, I’d love to win this prize!

  2. Samantha hansen

    I love the baby kaed diaper bag.

  3. Cristina

    would love the Roll-n-Go™ Rollable Diaper Caddy!

  4. Nicole Lancia

    I love the peanut shell and the boatman geller thank you notes. This prize is so nice. I would love to win!

  5. Leslie McGuire

    I can’t imagine a better gift for a new mom! I would love to win and especially like the Peanut Shell® Maternity Gown.


  6. Monica

    I really like the baby kaed diaper bag! Oh, and the tot to go sling.

  7. Amelia

    Oooooohhhh….I really hope I win!!

  8. Wow, I just had to enter this for the Baby Emi jewelry and the Sweet Shoes!

  9. Susan

    I love everything 🙂 Especially the Sweet Shoes. I want a pair for myself too.

  10. I love the Sweet Shoes booties and the Posh Tots Moses Basket. I actually just blogged about the Peanut Shell Hospital Gown, too!

  11. Keri R

    I LOVE the ‘text me 4 a playdate’ onesie. How cute is that!

  12. The Moses basket with the cable knit bedding is amazing!!! Lots of great prizes, woohoo!

  13. There are so many great items but my favorite is the Moses Basket. I have always wanted one of them.

  14. Lisa

    The BabyPlus Prenatal Education System sounds great!

  15. Baboon

    My favorite item is the Tot-to-go reversible stretch cotton baby sling. What a lovely giveaway!

  16. Ahhh! How amazing would it be to win this prize?? I am so in love with the diaper bag (like everyone else!) and think those warm sliippers would be great for the hospital. So excited!

  17. Lauren

    I love everything! The shoes are adorable!

  18. Kristy

    The moses basket would be my favorite but the whole prize is amazing!

  19. JennyLoo

    I love the baby basket, but everything looks great!

  20. Susan

    Wow. Anyone would be so lucky to win this prize. So many unique items. I think my favorite is the wubbanub pacifier and blanket. Adorable.

  21. gavmitri

    Wow! Very cool prize – lots of neat stuff!

  22. amanda

    I love the sling and the maternity tops..way too cute!!

  23. Nat5732

    I love the diaper bag – awesome! This is a really great prize!

  24. The moses basket! I also love the Baby Kaed baby bag – it’s all great!!!

  25. Pencils

    I love the posh Tots Moses basket!

  26. Heather

    Love the Roll-n-Go™ Rollable Diaper Caddy, how convenient for quick trips! And the jingle bell anklet set (Baby Emi) would be so sweet on my baby girl!

  27. Well i have to say I was super surprised to become pregnant after 9 years! I have been a dedicated supporter of the baby bag program with Jewels and Pinstripes and actually invented the “baby berries” at Shari’s Berries this year that are in every great bag!! I am having a little girl and even naming her JEWEL! With all the new products and all the GREAT things out there for babies I’d LOVE to be a reciepient of a bag for my newest addition coming on February 14th 2009!!! Thank you to all those that participate in these bags, they are a HIT!

    Thank you

  28. Leslie

    I would love to have anything in this great bag. However, I must say that the roll up diaper caddy is my favorite. You can now convert any fashionable bag to a diaber bag.

  29. Diane

    The Roll-n-Go Rollable Diaper Caddy looks awesome.

  30. Kim

    I love everything! I’d feel so lucky to win this. I love the Tot-to-go baby sling and the diaper bag!

  31. Angela

    I love the “sweet shoes” – they are adorable!

  32. laura

    love the peanut shell maternity gown

  33. Marlee

    I love the Baby Kaed diaper bag!!!

  34. Gayla

    I love it all, but really love the diaper bag. My daughter is 37 weeks pregnant and can’t find the “perfect bag for her baby. We have spent hours looking and she just isn’t happy with any thing that she has seen yet. I know she would love the one on here!

    Great contest!

  35. Barbra

    Currently in my first trimester and had my first ultrasound today. Seeing my tiny baby with the tiny beating heart blew my mind! LOL August 2009 can’t get here fast enough!

    You guys always have the best giveaways. 🙂

  36. Jillian

    WOW…this is a fantastic package of gifts! Everything is GREAT! I really love the Baby Kaed diaper bag! I have a second little one on the way and am looking for a stylish bag for a newborn and those things that my 2-year old still needs when we are out 🙂

  37. Iris

    I love the moses basket! It is such a lovely prize.

  38. Joanne

    I think this is a great giveaway for any new or mom to be. Love the kaed diaper bag, excellent idea.

  39. Lily

    I love the Beba Bean hat/blanket combo!

  40. carlyjk

    I love the sling and moses basket

  41. Katelyn

    I am a huge fan of the Classic Moses Basket! What a great prize!!!

  42. tara

    I think my favorite is the Moses Basket.

  43. Tara Brown

    I love everything it is very hard to choose. As a mom who is having a second I would LOVE the baby bag and the peanut shell. However, I would use everything in the bag. So exciting! Julie great idea and great job..miss you!

  44. Tabitha

    Love the adorable knit cap and blankie!

  45. Chelsea

    Oh, I could really use the Divine Basics birth announcements. I haven’t really thought about sending them due to the cost, but the baby is coming in January.

  46. The roll-n-go caddy is awesome! I really like the fabric of the red “summer roll”!

    I spent a year working in china and I have a cool brocade robe that would match!

  47. catherine

    Love the Peanut Shell Maternity gown…no need to look bad in the L&D room!!

  48. LOVE the Peanut Shell, keep the little one snuggled, warm, and close by.

  49. Oh my!! You guys really went over the top this time — what a special treat to give away!! I couldn’t be more excited for you to give this away — is it wed. yet? 🙂

    How amazing does the tot-to-go sling look?!! The only way it would look more amazing is if my baby-on-the-way was in it! 😉

  50. Lindsay Walker

    I love the Beba Bean blanket and hat as well as the Roll-in-Go diaper organizer. Its great.

  51. I love it all…but especially the “Text me 4 a playdate” onesie.

  52. Nicole

    I love everything but the Tot-to-go sling is beautiful!

  53. brenda

    wow…i love this gift this will help for me and my new baby on the way #2 please i hope i win!!!!

  54. brenda

    im sorry i love the diapees and wipees

  55. Maria

    I love it all!! Especially the shoes and the basket and the sling!!

  56. I’m drooling over the Baby Emi’s Jingle Bells Anklet Set and gift certificate for Hand Stamped Necklace! 🙂

  57. Joanne

    The Baby Emi’s Jingle Bells Anklet Set is wonderful.

  58. Here’s to wishing and hoping that I’ll win this! Name one thing that we love in the bag? Hmmm….can I say d) all of the above? Ha! I am lovin the Kaed diaper bag of course — who wouldn’t? 😉

  59. Inna

    I absolutely love everything – the diaper bag looks fabulous. It would be beyond cool to win it!!!!

  60. love the Roll-n-Go™ Rollable Diaper Caddy

  61. Lily

    The moses basket is pretty cool!

  62. I also love the rollable diaper caddy, very useful!

  63. lisa

    I would just like to say that is the ultimate survior pack. Everything that you would ever want and need is included and as a mother of two boys and now one on the way I could honestly say that all products would be well used.

  64. Heidi

    Wow this is an amazing giveaway! I lovvee the baby kaed diaper bag!

  65. Iris

    I love the sling… and of course the moses basket too!

  66. catherine

    The moses basket is too perfect!! Love it.

  67. Kristine M.

    Wow – what a great prize. I love so much but, my favorite would have to be the “roll and go caddy,” that would make converting my current purse into a diaper bag an instant reality!

  68. Tammie Hudson

    The Bloomers Diaper Cake would be terrific for a baby shower. My daughter, due with her first child in May, needs a big shower. She and her husband have both been dealt blows by the economy, he being laid off the week after she found out the business she worked for was closing.

  69. Lisa C.

    I love the Baby Kaed diaper bag!

  70. Oh…this would be a great gift to win!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing!!!!!!!!!

  71. Oh, yeah, I love the roll ‘n go caddy!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Carla Pullum

    Everything looked so good hard to choose but the most in style item I thought because I was at an Uggs boot event yesterday is Sweet Shoes!! They will look so cute!
    Merry Christmas!

  73. Angela Smith

    I love the convenience of the Tot-to-Go Slings! They keep your little one close to you and secure as you run errands, etc.

  74. Robin Sessums

    This is a great bag. My best friend is 5 months pregnant and this would be amazing for her. I love the Shopaholic maternity shirt and the the Baby Kaed diaper bag.

  75. Cassie Weig

    The Baby Kaed diaper bag!

  76. leah

    The roll-n-go caddy is so clever!

  77. Nicole

    Everything looks wonderful…I love the Tot-to-go sling!

  78. Karyn

    I am lovin’ the sweet shoes!! Such a cute and stylish way to keep my little one’s feet warm!!

  79. Selena Scott

    First time pregnancy, so everything looks so wonderful!
    This array of products would do such wonders for me! Esp the necessary bag to take everything for little man!

  80. Kelly

    This looks like a great giveaway. I’ve heard of these bags, but cannot imagine having one. Looks like a bag of goodies!

  81. They are all gorgeous! Love the Baby Kaed diaper bag for sure!
    I am happy for who ever wins this…

  82. Natasha Chiaviello

    I would love this bag!!!!
    I NEED IT!

  83. Terra Heck

    What a great prize package! My favorite is the Posh Tots Moses Basket.

  84. Krista

    I love the Tot To Go sling. It is so easy to use and my daughter loves it when I carry her around in her sling.

    Also, the WubbaNub pacifier holder is adorable!

  85. Tara

    What a great prize! My favorite is the Tot-to-go sling, the fabric is gorgeous!

  86. Rebecca

    I love the Baby Kaed diaper bag.

  87. I love the Sweet Shoes. My hubby wears classic Vans and baby would look adorable in the skull shoes to coordinate!

  88. Gina

    I love the diaper cake! Too cute!

  89. Bonita

    Wow the whole thing is amazing! I love the sling the most “)

  90. Pencils

    I love the Roll-n-Go Rollable Diaper Caddy!

  91. Rebecca Roman

    I love the baby emi jewelry! The whole prize is great.

  92. Pamela

    Wow, Such a nice bundle of goodies!!!!

  93. gia

    i adore the classic moses basket from posh tots!!

  94. JenR

    I love the peanut shell product line–and the moses basket is too cute!

  95. danielle

    being a graphic designer, i really love the idea of the divine basics – such a great way to introduce you new little one to friends and family 🙂 good luck to everyone!

  96. I love the Peanut Shell Maternity Gown! This is something I surely can’t talk my husband into getting but something I really really want! My two best friends are also pregnant so I plan to share with them 🙂

  97. Jessie

    I love the moses basket, beautiful and functional… what a fabulous giveaway!

  98. Ashley Avila

    I love everything in the basket so its very hard to pick just one so here my top three picks… I love the sweet shoes they look so soft & comfy, the wubbaanub pacifier is really cute & fun looking, last but not least the kickin maternity line of shirts are totally cute as well…I hope I win

  99. Ashley Mayes

    i’m loving the Moses bag. It’s soooo Old Testament 🙂

  100. Nicole Lancia

    I love the Peanut Shell, it looks great.

  101. Aby Stewart

    I love the Kickin’ Maternity Shop-a-holic shirt because even now, I can’t stop shopping for clothes!

  102. Heidi

    Still love the baby kaed bag!!

  103. kitty

    those brownies are looking pretty good right now 🙂

  104. Kristina

    I love the sling best but there’s something for every mood in the package!

  105. Joanne

    The Roll-n-Go, Rollable Diaper Caddy is a good space saver. I’d love to win this, along with the other amazing items in the Celebrity “BUMP” Bag.

  106. Luciana

    I love the baby kaed diaper bag and the baby kaed bag….i would love to to this prize it’s perfect!!! It was hard to pick the favorites things in the “BUMP” bag because everything looks just AMAZING!!!

  107. Erin

    This is an amazing gift bag! Each of the items is incredible, but I’d have to say the Roll-n-Go diaper bag is my favorite.

  108. Amelia

    Holy wow! How did I miss this? I think my favorite is the Sweet Shoes, but the maternity gown is a close close second…and the slippers…and the beba bean stuff.

  109. caroline

    I love the baby kaed diaper bag. So cute! AND… you can never have enough diapers right?? =)

  110. Lala

    I love the Tot-to-go reversible stretch cotton baby slings. Actually, I love the whole gift bag, its perfect since I am due next month!

  111. Erica

    I’d love the moses basket!!! I had gotten one a few years ago when I had my second son and we lost it while moving 🙁 !!!!!!

  112. Nicole

    I love the sling…I’m sure whoever wins this will be very excited!

  113. Diane

    I love the rollable diaper caddy!

  114. Tara

    I love the sweet shoes- there so warm and cozy looking.
    I would be so happy if i won this giveaway 🙂

  115. Rebecca

    It all looks great but my favorite is the baby kaed diaper bag.

  116. Mik

    Everything is fantastic but I would love the Baby Kaed bag. Thanks!

  117. Colleen

    Tot-to-go Design Inc.’s slings….I would LOVE to have that!

  118. Cassie

    I love the Baby Kaed diaper bag!

  119. Paige B

    Oh the bag would be a blessing! I believe my favorite piece is the maternity Shirts by Kickin Maternity!

  120. Sakura Aki

    I’d have to say the WubbaNub is def my fav!

  121. Lisa

    The Baby Kaed baby bag is awesome!

  122. The peanut shell maternity gown is beautiful. I think I would want to wear it not pregnant, too!

  123. Amanda

    I’m not pregnant now, but would like to be within the next year. This would be a wonderful gift for a first-timer!!

  124. Jessica

    I love the Prego Planner by Braelyn Bounty Bug, so cute!

  125. JeNnIfEr C

    Pick Me!!! Please! New (and very excited) First Time Expecting Mother!

  126. gia

    i love the Peanut Shell® Maternity Gown…so pretty & feminine.

  127. mistress meeyee

    Wow,awesome stuff!! The diaper bag is so awesome!Everything is something I want!

  128. Jen

    love the sling… perfect for a new mommy!

  129. Jennifer B

    The whole prize is fantastic. I love the baby emi jewerlery and the moses basket.

  130. Kim

    Tot-to-Go Slings! Slings are great and I need one for my new baby on the way.

  131. I love love love the sling! 🙂 Read here: pick me! 🙂 haha.

  132. Thea Jankowski

    My favorite is the Tuni & G text me…4 a PLAY DATE™ onesie

  133. Alison

    I LOVE the Peanut Shell Maternity Gown. It would be much better in the hospital than my old worn-out one from a discount store. And – who wouldn’t love such a gorgeous Moses basket?

  134. Kristin

    The Sweet Shoes are adorable!

  135. Yari Contreras

    Im expecting my first child and would love to win. I especially love the Peanut Shell Maternity Gown.

  136. Alexandra Oswald

    All of the prizes are amazing, but my favorite would have to be the Peanut Shell. Who wants to wear a boring, ugly old hospital gown?

  137. Jean Maguire

    I love the Moses basket. What a great way to tote your sleeping baby around the house!

  138. Emily

    I LOVE the tot to go sling!! I have two other little ones, and our newest would be safe from the two year old and three year old in this!! PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. Emily

    Sorry I wrote “pick me” in all caps. . . got a little excited. . . pick me??!!

  140. I am literally counting down the days until CBS gives this away!! I am so excited and am totally loving every last baby-ssential thing in the prize! A favorite (in addition to the slippers and the sling and the diaper bag) would have to be the wubbanub…How many moms have fished around in the dark for a pacifier while their newborn is screaming it’s little dear lungs out! The little stuffed animal is a great idea and makes it a sinch to find!

  141. kristi

    i would love the gift certificate for the hand stamped necklace, as well as the gift certificate for the birth announcements!

  142. Iris

    The Prego Planner Rocks!!! This giveaway is awesome.

  143. Heidi

    This is an amazing giveaway! So exciting! I still love the kaed bag!!

  144. Rebecca

    I love the baby kaed diaper bag

  145. Heather

    I love the roll-n-go rollable diaper caddy and the Baby Emi jewelry.

  146. Ashley Mayes

    Still loving the Moses bag…”When baby was in Egypt land, let my baby go.”

  147. Joanne

    I’d love to get my hands on those Sweet Shoes for my daughter.

  148. Summer

    That diaper bag has got to be the cutest diaper bag EVER!

  149. Lala

    I love the peanut shell and the reversible baby sling. Pick me!! I am due next month!! 😉

  150. Amelia

    sweet shoes look oh so sweet!!

  151. Meara Demko

    Love the baby shoes by Sweet! Hard to pick favorites though!

  152. My favorite product is the Shanti Baby Bag! It’s beautiful!

  153. Nicole Lancia

    I love the peanut shell and the boatman geller thank you notes. This prize is so nice. I would love to win!

  154. Deborah

    The prego planner is realy nice! Love the entire basket!!!

  155. Tara

    I love the tot-to-go sling. I wear my baby everywhere and would love a new sling!

  156. love the peanut shell and those slippers sure look cozy!

  157. Heather

    I like the roll and go diaper caddy.

  158. Nicole

    Great prize…I love the Tot-to-go Sling

  159. Bing

    My favorite is the Baby Kaed. Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  160. The Daniel Green ‘Ellie’ slippers look so comfortable! I would be super excited to have a pair of those!

  161. Aubrey

    What a great contest! I love the Peanut Shell Maternity Gown. It is beautiful! I would love to have it (and all of the other great stuff) -especially since, with my first baby, my husband let me buy (and I actually wore) a horizontal stripped gown. I am a naturally petite person. However, after just having had a baby wearing a horizontal stripped gown was a VERY BAD IDEA! I look back at the pictures and think to myself that I look just like Mama Cass!!! Whoops!

  162. Rachel

    I would love to win this! I love the posh tote!

  163. Nicole

    I love the Tot-to-go baby sling. Man I could use that!

  164. Amy Griffin

    I love the roll and go diaper bag, the peanut shell gown and the sweet shoes. I would love to win this basket.

  165. Amy

    everything looks so great!! those slippers look like heaven 🙂

  166. gia

    i really love the Tot-to-go Design Inc. baby sling…great contest!

  167. Iris

    The Beba Bean set rocks, so do the Sweet Shoes and planner, and the diaper caddy… ohh i could go on and on and on…lol.. I LOVE THIS GIVEAWAY!

  168. Oh my, I love the tot-to-go sling. It’s adorable! What a great giveaway!

  169. Nicole Lancia

    I love the peanut shell and the boatman geller thank you notes.

  170. Monica

    I really like the baby kaed diaper bag!

  171. Summer

    LOVE the baby jewerly!!! So cute!!!!

  172. Jodi P.

    so cute! the diaper bag and slippers look fab!

  173. sandra

    I love the prego planner and especially the pea-nut shell … we call the baby peanut!

  174. Is that not the most gorgeous gold bag ever!! And the maternity gown – super cute too!!

  175. Joanne

    What a gorgeous gift idea! I have had my baby but my girlfriend is due in February and I would love to surprise her with such a lovely gift. I can’t pick one favorite item as they all seem to be MUST-HAVES for the new mom.

  176. All of this would be such a help for our first (whose one the way!!!)

    We love everything in the give away!

  177. lk8

    wow, everything is fabulous… love the moses basket!

  178. Diane

    What a great give-away! I love the rollable diaper caddy.

  179. Helen

    Love the Tot-to-go Baby Sling. What a great set of products.

  180. Emilia

    Love the peanut shell! Having a little girl in April, our first. 🙂

  181. Val Pearson

    I would love love love to win this. My favorite is the Moses Basket.

  182. Elena

    What a fantastic bundle. I especially love the moses basket. Our first baby is due in February and this bundle would be so nice to have.

  183. Meghan

    Wow! This is like the jackpot of all give-a-ways! Fingers crossed!!

  184. Megan Castro-Gaines

    The Posh Tots Moses Basket… I am a working mom and often have my baby in my back office with me I would love to bring my baby from room to room easily with me while I work in a stylish fashion that doesn’t take up to much space.

  185. mommy to be

    I love the Posh Tots Classic Moses Basket! So Cute!!!

  186. Love the Kickin Maternity Shirts…how cute!

  187. Susan K.

    Wow what an amazing giveaway! My favorite is the Baby Kaed diaper bag. Fingers crossed!

  188. My favorite product in the Celebrity “BUMP” Bag is the Baby Kaed Shanti bag 🙂 I wish giveaways were listed in the newsletter before the final day. *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  189. Melissa

    My favorite product is the Posh Tots Moses Basket!

  190. Janet

    Love the sling and the moses basket!

  191. Melisa

    Why not, I’ll throw my hat in the ring…

  192. I love the sling because it helps so much when you have a second child as well.

  193. Rebecca Roman

    I love the moses basket and it would be great for my little on the way!

  194. Lala

    I love the Peanut shell, Moses basket, and the sling. I am due next month and having a blast getting my nursery ready! 😉

  195. Deborah

    Love the prego planner!! What a wonderful giveaway!!!

  196. Kelly

    I would love to win this. My favorite product is the yellow Text Me onesies, it is so cute.

  197. Lyndsey

    This basket is filled with so many cute and wonderful items! One that I think is unique is the Peanut Shell Maternity gown. I am expecting, and looking at many different baby & mommy things, but it is the first time I saw that. Also I like the Divine Basic announcements – very cute. Also the Sweet Shoes for the baby. I am a BIG shoe person, and think these are adorable!! Everything looks great!!

  198. Evyn

    Wow, this is an awesome giveaway! I love the peanut shell. I love wearing my 3 month old peanut!!

  199. alexis

    its all wonderful, and I could use it all.

  200. Emily

    all the items in the bag are so great. but i think my fav is the Baby Emi jewelry or the tot-to-sling.

  201. Natalie

    OMG what fantastic goodies!
    I love the roll-n-go, the sweet shoes, the wunanub…it’s all so cute! What a treat for mommies 🙂

  202. Lindsey

    Wow so many great items! I love the Baby Kaed diaper bag and the cute peanut shell hospital gown!

  203. Cheryl F

    I like the tot-to-go sling. Thanks

  204. Renee

    What a wonderful bag for a new mom-to-be! It is filled with so many amazing things, I couldn’t even begin to pick just one. But since we are having a girl, my favorite item is the Baby Emi’s Jingle Bells Anklet Set and Hand Stamped Necklace. That way baby and mommy can get new jewelry! Thank you!!!! 🙂

  205. The Tot-to-go for sure deff looks like a great help!

  206. katie w

    I love the Peanut Shell Gowns they are Beautiful and who doesn’t want to look good when they are giving Birth?

  207. mj

    Baby Kaed- Shanti is so beautiful!

  208. Lisa

    My fave is the baby kaed diaper bag!

  209. mary

    this would be good for the baby and his mom

  210. Amazing giveaway I love everything but my favorite product is the Posh Tots soo in love with this giveaway!

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