Is Janet Jackson Pregnant?

Life and Style is reporting that Janet Jackson, 42, is expecting her first child. As such, Miz Jackson has canceled numerous concert dates and finally pulled the plug on her Rock Witchu tour in early November.

Reportedly, an insider close to Janet tells Life & Style the reason for the cancellation is because she and longtime partner Jermaine Dupri, 36, are getting ready for a baby!

We’ll keep you updated if Janet is, in fact, expecting her first baby.

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Lord help us.


This seems to be the trend of post Y2K Freak-out-mania. If she’s got the money and maturity to take on a task that personally has my nearly 20-years-younger-than-her-butt going BONKERS more often than not…..more power to her! God bless Folic Acid. Thanks to this nutrient, ladies no longer feel like they ‘must’ have a baby by 30 or they’re screwed. She’s had a chance to follow her dreams, enjoy a career, establish her financial security, and find a partner she truly loves! Lucky Janet!


I love you !!!!!!!!! Do you have a kid Janet ?????!!!!!