James Broderick Is Itchin’ To Get To School

Matthew Broderick takes his 6-year-old son, James Wilkie, to school on Wednesday. During their stroll it appears James gets an itch he can’t help but scratch.

Matthew, 46, voiced the popular animated lion Simba in the Academy Award winning franchise The Lion King 1 and 2.

Photos: MARIO MAGNANI/bauergriffinonline.com

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I don’t understand how they can let him go out with his hair like that. At least comb it. Why do celebraties let their boys’ hair grow wild like that? Whatever happened to a normal boy cut?

If I am an adult in the public eye, I know my child will be in the public eye as well. So I would take extra care to make sure my child is clean, hair combed, and dressed neatly. I’m just an average working mom, but my child’s clothes fit, are ironed (if they need it) and hair combed every day. I would never let my child walk outside looking like that, even in the backyard. With all their money you think they could pick out some nice clothes for him. They are not the only ones. Angelina dresses her… Read more »

Some kids have really stringy hair and as soon as the outside air touches it, it tangles up. I’m sure they brush his hair. I think he is precious and he looks a lot like SJP. I love his puppy shirt….I think it’s from Mini Boden.


Most public school kids look like James! Meaning…. they are left along about how they look just making sure the kids are clean, clean clothes, healthy, happy, and little boys who dress themselves don’t care about how they look! James when he gets older will change his style. He is going to school to play and learn and be apart of his peer group.

His parents know how to dress him if they chose to do so! They want their son to fit in with his peers!!!

oh good god it’s not like he’s the first kid to ever have messy hair!good grief get over it people!!I’m sick of all the negatvie comments about James and his hair and his freaking pants!I see nothing wrong with it,yes the pants need to be longer but its none of my buisness he’s not my kid and maybe the wind was blowing ever think of that?it is new york they do have wind there.and after all he is running so that will acount for messy hair as well. I guess since his pants aren’t to short this time people have… Read more »

I agree…long hair on a boy who cares…but when it looks like a nasty pile of hay on his head…it’s time to comb it…or put it in a pony tail…anything…i wouldn’t let my kid go out like that…why do they?

Georgia  Lee

Long hair is fine…BUT COMB IT….it looks matted like my neighbors dog.


Jeez, are people judgmental when it comes to this kid’s style. So what if it’s long? Not everybody loves the military haircut some folks put on their own kids.


I never knew he voiced the lion king. thats kinda random.


Please, please cut his hair. It looks terrible!


I think they do comb his hair- it looks like they comb it and then it gets windblown. He looks like he has the type of hair that whenever he moves it just falls out of place! I’ve never seen it look matted, even here, what are people talking about? In fact, in this picture, it looks like the wind is blowing his hair back. His hair just seems to moves easily, that’s all, give the kid and his folks a break! It’s not that bad!