Mel B & Angel’s School Run

Spice Girl, Melanie Brown and her adorable 20-month-old daughter Angel Iris Murphy Brown picked up Mel’s eldest daughter Phoenix Chi, 9, from school in Santa Monica, CA on Tuesday. Mel helped her daughter load up the car with her school project before heading on their way.

Brown, 33, and former Dancing with the Stars alumni Kelly Monaco will be starring in PEEPSHOW, a burlesque style show set to open in March in Las Vegas. Mel B told PEOPLE she’ll be “scantily clad, but in a classy way”.

Photos: Fame

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  1. Peta

    Ah, the paper fascination stage. Fun times. 😀

  2. olivia

    angel is living up to her name.. so cute

  3. shirilicious

    Angel is gorgeous, but what happened to her mum? Mel B used to be the prettiest of the Spice Girls, now she looks the most homely.

  4. Lioness

    Shirilicious, are you talking about the same Mel B? Cuz this woman doesn’t say “homely” at all to me, I think she’s one very hot mama! In this pic she looks tired, but c’mon, she’s just picking her kid up from school, she doesn’t have to be all made up. Hope you’re not comparing her to Posh- I think Posh looks fake and quite ridiculous much of the time. Why does Posh try so damn hard all the time? But I digress…

    Angel- what a shmush!!! She’s so friggin’ cute!

  5. shirilicious

    Lioness, back in the day Mel B was the hottest of the bunch. When I look at pictures of her these days she seems kind of bloated, especially in the face. Yes she is tired here, but it’s not only this photo. It doesn’t matter that she probably wears a tracksuit (?) that cost hundreds of dollars, to me she looks homely.
    As for Victoria Beckham, she should start eating and stop trying that hard, I completely agree ;-).

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