Taylor Hanson Welcomes Son Viggo

Taylor Hanson is a dad again! He and his wife Natalie welcomed a new son, Viggo Moriah, in Tulsa, Oklahoma yesterday.

“Viggo is doing great. He is the perfect early Christmas gift,” the couple says of their 8 lb., 5 oz. arrival. “We look forward to being home to enjoy the holidays with him and his very excited brothers and sister.”

Viggo joins brothers Jordan, 6, River, 2, and sister Penelope, 3. He also adds one more to the Hanson clan; big brother Isaac and wife Nikki have sons Clarke, 20 months, and James, 5 months; and younger brother Zac and wife Kate have son John, 6 months.


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  • Jane

    who are these people? Never heard of them!

  • justme

    …mmmbop! remember?

  • Aimee

    Never heard of them!

  • I have mmbop stuck in my head now 😉

  • gia

    are they mormons?

  • sammmy

    Wow 25 year old male with 4 kids already! Lol congrats to them

  • Katrina

    not everyone who has kids young is a mormon…

  • Cathy


  • whitney

    how can you people ask who TAYLOR HANSON is!? he is so talented and he and his brothers have devoted so many efforts to fighting the Devestating ramifications of the widespread HIV/AIDS victims in Africa. They’ve raised thousands of dollars for this cause through releasing a song on itunes with 100% of the proceeds going towards helping along with joining up with TOMS shoes to provide a child in 3rd world countries with a pair of shoes for every pair bought. These men are saints and incredible musicians you should really check out hanson.net to really find out about all of the good they are doing, locally, globally and musically. mad respect and congratulations for Taylor and his family.

  • anon

    Don’t act dumb. Unless you were really young or living under a rock in 1997, you know exactly who Hanson is. Just because society and popular culture has decided that they should be shunned does not mean we should all be sheep and go along with it. Think for yourself, please!

  • Pencils

    I had to be reminded who the Hansons were–I remember their hit song but as I didn’t like it the name of the band didn’t stick in my head, and it’s not as if they’ve done much with mainstream popularity since then. I don’t think it’s quite that society has “decided that they should be shunned,” they just haven’t had another hit. It’s hard to have hit records! There are lots of great musicians out there but having a big hit is a different thing. And it’s possible that they haven’t been trying for that sort of success–are they doing Christian music now? They seem like nice guys but it’s a bit much to call them saints. Anyway, congrats to them on the new baby.

  • Anonymous

    The reason they haven’t had another hit since then, is because they’ve ventured into the indie rock scene, with putting out all their albums through their music label 3CG. They don’t want to be mainstream popularity anymore, they’re not looking for it. Hence, why they’ve been doing the walks to help out with the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa, and making music that sends a message and means something instead.

  • yen

    Viggo’s sibs include brothers Ezra, 6, and River, 2, and sister Penelope, 3.

    If the tyke ever gets sick of them, he can find NS0-153 playmates in his cousins. Oldest Hanson bro Isaac, 28, and wife, Nikki, are HP0-Y23 parents to sons Everett, 20 months, and Monroe, 5 months, while Zac Hanson, 23, and his wife, Kate, have a six-month-old son, Shepherd.

  • Johansir

    Taylor and wife Natalie are proud to welcome their third child, son River Samuel Hanson, born September 4th in Tulsa OK 70-513. Said Taylor of River’s birth “River is an incredible addition to our family, we could not be happier real exam.

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