Adam Sandler On Sadie’s Film Debut

Adam Sandler is back on the big screen Christmas Day with his family-friendly flick Bedtime Stories – a movie about hotel handyman who agrees to babysit his niece and nephew and soon realizes that the bedtime stories he tells them are starting to mysteriously come to life – and he told ET! that the movie was definitely a family affair!

“We were doing the medieval scenes and I asked the wardrobe department if they had something for the wife and kid to wear. They threw it on and jumped in the scene.”

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Adam joked that daughter Sadie “had three call backs and I said she can do this.”

“I’ll do anything to make the kid happy,” continues Adam, who admits that perhaps he could have doled out a little more discipline in the past two-and-a-half years. “I never like to say no to her.”

Adam also assured Mark that this movie is definitely kid-friendly: “It feels good that I’m not going to have one mother yell at me,” he laughs.

Adam and wife Jackie also have new baby Sunny, 1 month, at home.

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  • callie

    Sadie was also in You Don’t Mess With the Zohan briefly at the end. She had a close-up. I believe she was riding one of those mechanic things outside a store that cost a quarter.

  • Maxine

    Sadie was riding a Goat at the end of the Zohan movie, I knew it was her right away…stayed for the credits as I always do….and I was right….how much fun will it be growing up and being in your dads movies?….fun stuff……..congrats to the entire family on the arrival of lil Sunny.

  • maggie

    NOT a cute kid. I’m sorry. Someone had to say it.

  • Cee

    Maggie- She’s a Kid, somethings are better off left unsaid.

  • Lioness

    Maggie, why did someone have to say it?

    Hope Sadie’s enjoying getting on set with her dad, must be kind of fun.

  • shirilicious

    I’m giggling at Maggie’s comment. I understand what she’s saying, there’s one celebrity spawn (I won’t say the name) that I don’t find pretty at all, and when I read comments like “oh, what cute kid” in my mind I’m all like “what are people looking at? That moppet is ugly!” LOL.
    That said, Sadie is a carbon copy of her dad and I can see her being a stunner when she grows older.

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