Suri And Katie Have A Rainy Cuddle

Katie Holmes and 2 1/2-year-old Suri go shopping at Williams-Sonoma on Thursday. Suri was photographed barefoot and under an umbrella, held by mom, on a rainy New York day.

Katie said she’s happy with Tom’s Golden Globe nomination for his role as a Hollywood producer in Tropic Thunder.

Photos: Flynet

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  1. msmichie

    Seriously! What is wrong with Tom and Katie? Why is this child out in the rain without shoes or a jacket? It’s not like they are in a “warm rain.” They are NY for pete’s sake!

    • Anonymous

      Actually look closer at the photo… her bare feet are too clean. She should have to walk more by herself. The bottoms of her feet would be black if she was allowed to walk around on her own. I’d like to see some of her with dirty feet.

  2. anonymous

    Poor Baby she’s so cold. 🙁

  3. Jane

    It was pouring rain all day yesterday in NYC.

    What is the matter with Katie?

    Suri should have on a coat, pants, socks and shoes.

    Tom and Katie are idiots!

  4. Pencils

    It was FREEZING in NYC yesterday! I had on my down jacket & gloves and wished I had a hat. The temperature wasn’t really at freezing, but it was that sort of wet cold that goes to your bones. And it poured all day. Katie Holmes is an idiot. I don’t care if the little girl “won’t wear” a coat or shoes or whatever, she is a child. In the end, it isn’t her decision. If her shoes got soaked and they had to take them off, then they should have taken her home, not shopping.

  5. Pencils

    Also, they don’t look like they’re cuddling, Suri looks like she’s terrified of the paparazzi. She’s covering her ears so she doesn’t hear someone.

  6. Julita

    her feet are almost red of cold!!! im shocked, really, Tom and Katie are always dressed warm and that poor Suri is always dressed like it was at least two months earlier than it is. How can they be so irresponsable?! And the blanket wont help if Suri’s feet are not covered!!!

  7. Aribella

    Yeah because it is SUCH a long walk from the car you KNOW they had hired to take them around into the store. I’m not sure how she didn’t freeze walking across a sidewalk . . . you people are so judgemental. They do not walk everywhere . . . i’d be surprised if they walk ANYWHERE.

  8. Sherry

    Too bad Caylee Marie didn’t have the ‘paps’ following HER mother around like this! I think Suri is pretty safe.

  9. Jen

    I got a chill just looking at the pictures. I’m in PA and it’s flippin’ freezing here this week. Wet, too. These people are morons, and even more moronic for letting a 2 year old run the show. When my 2 year old throws a fit about his jacket, guess what: TOUGH BEANS! I don’t care how cute Suri is. You know that little girl is going to be a spoiled rotten brat.

  10. Wow. Hardly child abuse. I am willing to bet Suri went from a car into a building or vice versa. She’s got a snuggly warm blanket around her and while it doesn’t cover her feet, i’m sure they never touched ground.
    If everyone watched you parent your kids under a microscope, how would you do?

  11. Jennie

    You people are among the most judgmental and rudest people i have ever seen. she is not a spoiled brat, she obviously just woke up for christs sake. and like Aribella said, the aren’t playing in a park, they are running into a store.

    of course it is not possible that she kicked off her shoes in the car and katie just wanted to get her into the store before putting them back on her.

    and calling that child abuse? i am a social worker. i can tell you all about child abuse. Suri is not going to be harmed by not having shoes on for a ten second sprint into a store.

    but then again i guess you all would be completely lost without your daily bit of cruise bashing. i have no idea why you guys judge them so much. it’s hard enough raising a child out of the spotlight.

    and yes, she is still a child and katie can put shoes on her feet. but suri is definitely old enough to take them off. my one year old can take her shoes off. i have yet to find a pair that she will keep on.

    but then again, since you guys saw the pictures, you obviously know the whole story so who am i to judge.

  12. msmichie

    My whole point isn’t that she “may have been running from the car to a store.” My point is that Katie and Tom are ALWAYS bundled up and Suri almost always isn’t!
    I am sure that if someone followed me with a camera all day, every day they would catch me doing something and comment on it. You would think that Katie must hear all the backlash over her not putting warm clothing on Suri, but it’s the same thing ALL THE TIME! This isn’t an isolated incident. I wouldn’t consider it child abuse, I would consider it BAD COMMON SENSE!

  13. Pencils

    I didn’t call it child abuse. I called it bad parenting or idiocy. The child is out with bare feet in December. No matter if she’s walking or not, it’s inappropriate. And her feet were not wrapped in a blanket, because you can see them in the photo! If it were only one time, I’d give them a break, but every day there seems to be photos of Suri dressed inappropriately online somewhere. I know that many kids take their shoes off, but when you go out shopping in December you don’t see any kids her age with bare feet–somehow, all those parents manage to keep their kids’ shoes on. Did she take off her tights or leggings too? In the car where she should have been in a carseat? And a blanket was not enough warmth for yesterday. I have an infant daughter, and when it’s cold she wears a jacket and hat, and when it’s really cold, she wears a bunting. I don’t wrap her in a blanket over her indoor clothes because a blanket isn’t enough protection. Blankets fall off, or the wind gets underneath them.

    Again, not child abuse, just stupidity and bad parenting.

  14. LuvMyJolie

    I so agree with Pencils.. Katies seems like shes always “too in a rush” to make sure that her daughter is dressed properly… Point blank period there is NO excuse for having ur 2 year old child out in December with no shoes, regardless of if they are running from a car into a store, its just shopping! What could be so important in the store that she cant spend 2 mins putting Suri’s shoes and socks back on if she took them off?! The paps are still gonna be there after Suri’s shoes are put back on.. Just Ridiculous… I would have harsh words if i saw a woman walking into the mall with me, in December, and her baby was shoeless just as I would expect to hear backlash if I were stupid enough to do it to my own daughter. From the millions of pics we see everyday of these people it looks as if Suri pics out her wardrobe and is allowed to dress the way she wants… My 2 year old can kick, scream, cry, do whatever her little body allows BUT she will do and wear what I say because I am the BOSS…

  15. lanette

    why are people always worrying about THIS child while kids are being dug up out of the ground having been killed and God knows what else?

    stop hating on this family and worry about your own damn kids.

  16. LuvMyJolie

    ur on the site just like us so why dont you umm take ur own advice, log off and go see about ur own damn kids as well…..

  17. Ok really, no need to be rude or start cussing at people. This child is blessed with a family that loves her. Her feet may be cold but I’m willing to bet there are some out there that are starving, freezing and dying. This is not child abuse. She may need shoes but truly her feet were probably exposed for all of a second maybe 10 seconds tops.
    What makes me upset is seeing how distraught she gets with the papparazzi. There should be a law about how close they can get when out. Yes, I’m on here and love baby photos. But I’d be just as ok with pictures taken from a distance and photos the families release. I just hate to see a baby so upset.

  18. Jennie

    She never said get off the site, she said save your worries for your own children.

    Also, paps can take pictures in car windows. They cannot go in stores. so it makes complete sense that she waited until they were inside to put her shoes back on. especially if the child was distressed.

    and i’m so glad you would force your child to do something they don’t want to do even if it obviously distresses them just to prove to her that you are the boss. sounds like great parenting to me.

  19. Sarah

    One thing I wanted to add. If Kate was running from car to store, she did the right thing by just grabbing a blanket and running in. They looked like they were being abused by the paps again. When you put your children in their carseat, you should remove their jackets. That way their carseat belts fit properly. They are not safety tested for the extra padding of jackets.

    Also for the shoes, yes she is a toddler, she most likely took them off in the car. She is not going to be harmed from being carried without shoes on.

    I must also be a HORRIBLE mother. Today we went grocery shopping, my one year old did not have her shoes on. GASP!!! :)) OHh yes, and we kept her jacket in the car, because it took us of all 15 seconds to get into the store. I am not going to spend 2 minutes getting her jacket on, just to take it off again in 15 seconds.

  20. Myriam

    where is the child service ?
    Free Suri from tomkat !
    There’s no emmergency to shop! She shoud put shoes on her daughter !

  21. melanie

    i understand everyone’s frustration but they were in a vehicle and only out in the cold for a few seconds..its no reason to call dcfs

  22. My god..

    My god! Katie and Tom should NOT be parents! they dont know anything about parenting! This picture a long with other horrible pictures really makes me upset, someone should call the Social services.
    Seriously its insane to accept this, Just becaue Suri doesn’t want this or that.. she is 2 years old! Her parents (should, but evidently does not) know whats best for her.

  23. Jennie

    I would pay any one of you to show this pic to social services, as long as i could be there to watch.

    i want to see how long it takes for them to stop laughing at you.

  24. Jen

    I have to agree with Jennie. With all the true child abuse cases in this world, everyone is concerned about Suri? That little girl is about as far from abused as one can be.
    I agree that perhaps it was the smartest thing to take her out with no shoes but come on, she was out there for what? 15 seconds? I am so glad that I do not have photographers following my every move with me and my children. I am sure I would get nasty comments likes this as well.
    “Oh dear! *gasp* She doesn’t have a hat on her 3 year old in the cold! I mean, I know that its only a 5 foot walk from the door to the already pre-heated van, but seriously! What was she thinking? She should take that hat of the child’s pocket and force him to wear it in that short distance!! She doesn’t deserve to be a parent!”

    As parents, no one is perfect. I’m sure we all have done things that at least one person would frown upon and make judgemental comments about. How would any of you feel about that? Having your every move with your child, the one thing that you love most in this world, being judged? Having complete strangers say you don’t deserve your child?

    They may not read comments on this particular site but they do read and hear about what is being said about them and they are human like everyone else.

  25. gia

    please people, lighten up!!! i am not defending katie or tom, i am not a fan of either one, but in the grand scheme of things i dont think they are horrible parents. suri is probably spoiled, but she is the only small child in a very wealthy family & katies only child for now, so i can understand why she would be spoiled. we all know by now that suri is hot blooded & doesnt like coats or shoes or pants, its really not a big deal. she is old enough to know if she feels cold or not. she isnt hiking barefoot in the snow or anything. like others have said, she is more than likely going from the car in front of the store, to the store & then to the car again. she probably just kicked her feet out from the blanket for a second. she is fine.

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