Kate Gosselin Talks About Her Holiday Plans

Kate Gosselin, star of the reality TV show Jon & Kate Plus 8, has her hands full when planning the holidays – with 8-year-old twins Cara and Mady and 4-year-old sextuplets Aaden, Collin, Alexis, Hannah, Leah and Joel, and she shared her holidays plans, and some tips on saving a little bit of money around the holiday season!

On her plans for Christmas: “We’re just going to continue our Christmas tradition of caroling. And we’ll bake.

On what the kids are asking for: “Well, we have 4-year-olds and I remember this from when Cara and Mady were 4. They would come running and say, ‘Mommy, Mommy, I want this’… and I’ll say, ‘What is it? Where did you hear of that?’ And they’ll say, ‘On TV!'”

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On what TV the kids watch: “They’re Disney kids. And to be honest, our show is their favorite thing. They ask to watch it all the time. It’s interesting. It’s like them watching their memories.”

On if the kids, who are usually dressed alike, prefer to dress differently: “They don’t mind either way. At home they open the drawers and dress themselves and you can imagine some of the outfits they come up with. And I don’t fight them any more. I would have fought Maddy and Cara at that age. I did. I’d say, ‘Go back upstairs and change, you’re hurting my eyes.’ But I don’t fight them anymore.

On if the kids know they’re famous: “They don’t understand it. To them, it’s their normal. They’ve been filming since they were 15-months-old and they don’t know any different. And I’ve taught them — and at 4 they understand — that if people are taking pictures, and it bothers you, just say, ‘No, thank you’ and turn your back.”

On if she enjoys doing the show: “The blessings are we get to work from home, we’re there with them. We get to travel. There’s so many experiences that we wouldn’t otherwise have. I feel like it’s making them so well-rounded.”

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  1. Lala

    I like this family, but have been hearing weird stories about them lately, I hope they aren’t true.

  2. LuvMyJolie

    Me too Lala… They both seem mean but I’m sure I might seem that way too if I had 8 kids! I loooove the kids tho, expecially the little boy that wears the glasses.. Colin i think 🙂

  3. LuvMyJolie

    oops Its Aaden that wears the glasses 🙂

  4. KDd

    i love them too… they’re awesome

  5. Mimi

    I love them both, she is a little high strung but in order to keep the systems in place at home she has to be. Parenting 8 kids is no easy task I’m sure. When he married her he KNEW what kind of personality she had. It hasn’t changed, he knew what he was signing up for. He likes it I love it!

    Go Gosselin Family!

  6. Reality?

    Ugh… Seriously? I think that its creepy that the kids favourite show is their own. I saw a video a few weeks ago of them ‘playing’ jon and kate. The idea of them ‘playing’ their own lives was really disturbing to me…

    • OMG They are 4 (Four) years old! All kids play that mommy and daddy game.
      I grew up the oldest of 7 and I definately remember my siblings playing they were the parents, and my children did too.
      As for Kate, I sometimes wish she’d quit yelling for Jon and odering him around. No wonder he reacts like he does, rolling his eyes and snapping bat at her. I am afraid how she is going to treat those kids as they near puberty.

  7. Anonymous

    On what the kids are asking for: they saw it on TV? I thought they don’t watch TV, that is what you argued with Aunt Jodie on isn’t it Kate? uh huh..

    On what tv the kids watch: they’re Disney kids? Nice plug for your sponsor, Kate. Seriously, how could they like to watch their mom yelling at their dad and them over and over??? Nice memories you’ve made for them Kate.

    On do the kids prefer to dress differently: You don’t fight them anymore? That’s why every show has the sextuplets dressed alike or very, very similarily and it’s obvious you try to match up the twins clothes to the sextups clothes very hard. Nice try though Kate!

    On if the kids know they’re famous: No, and they probably never will know how famous they were. Years from now after you and Jon have spent all of THEIR money on big homes and sports cars and $3 shots, they will have no clue how famous they were by the financial meter will they?

    On if she enjoys doing the show: You betcha she does. To her, there are not even dollars that could ever be had or even hands to grab them with. “The blessings are that we get to work from home.” Really? But Kate, you’ve hardly been home at all this past month. Only 7 days out of the month you were not off signing books or speaking on TV. If you say to the Today show that you don’t care if your books sell at all, then why are you even out around the country like you are trying to sell them so hard. And why should I take advice from or even listen to a mom who is hardly ever home interacting with her own children?

    Bottom line is you are always contradicting yourself Kate. There is a deep-seeded void in your soul Kate, that no amount of money or things or celebrity can fill. Keep trying, but I sincerely hope that your rock bottom point has happened now. Humble yourself, there may still be time to turn to your husband, children, and even extended family who have been hurt by you and seek their forgiveness. That, Kate, is all that matters right now.

    • Another know-it-all. Sounds like you have too much time on your hands. Maybe you should give higher education a try. Obviously you have no idea of how the law protects those kids and the money they will have coming to them from this adventure.
      You must be a really lonely person to have to tear to shreads someone who is working to be able to give her kids what she feels they deserve. She can (and will) make good money from the sale of her books, and that money is hers not the kids. The kids will be compensated by the production company. You are just too angey and unhappy a person to be giving advice. (I can almosr hear you screaming at Kate)
      Get a life, and live what you preach.

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