Matthew Broderick: ‘James Loved Desperaux’

Matthew Broderick has a couple of children’s movies under his belt – 1994’s Disney favorite The Lion King chief and its two sequels among them – and he told OK! magazine that his 6-year-old son James loved hearing his dad’s voice in another animated flick – The Tale of Desperaux, out December 19.

“He’s seen it and he loved it. We saw it together about two weeks ago. It’s fun for him and he gets into the movie pretty quickly and he’s seen me in a few things so he’s not that thrown by it. He’s used to me being in cartoons.”

And as for Christmas plans, Matthew and wife Sarah Jessica Parker plan to stay in NYC.

“I’m going to be in the city basically, in New York,” Matthew tells OK! of their holiday plans. “We’re not traveling. We’re having a family-type, small Christmas.”

Photo: Flynet

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  1. Janie

    Please cut that kid’s hair!

  2. Lala

    we should start a petition, cut the kid’s hair dangit.

  3. mj

    did they ever reveal if his cheating on her was really a rumor?

  4. Sophie

    Umm, why should they cut the kid’s hair? It’s their child people. I know many people here (in Europe) let their boys have longer hair, nothing wrong with that. Same with Cindy Crawford’s kid – both of these boys look just fine.

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