Suri Cruise’s Christmas Presents

Ever wonder how a dad who can afford any toy in the world figures out what to get his kids for Christmas? Tom Cruise sat down with E! Online and revealed what he plans to buy his 2 1/2-year-old daughter Suri – and, for the girl who no doubt has everything she could possibly want, the plan is to keep things simple!

“You know, she likes to color. She likes dolls, stuffed animals. She’s really easy about stuff like that.”

And as for older kids Isabella, turning 16 this month, and Connor, 13?

“A cool pair of sneakers, different books that they like,” Cruise says of their wish list. “They’re kind of like, ‘Look, it’s been a busy year and we’re just looking forward to some quiet time, just hangin’ out.’ “

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Currently, Tom’s wife Katie is finishing up her run in Broadway’s All My Sons, and Tom is crisscrossing the country promoting his Christmas release, Valkyrie. But Tom is thinking about taking a more kid-friendly approach to his next movie roles – specifically, he’s thinking musicals!

“I’d like to do it as a film,” he says of his plans for some big-screen song and dance. “Kate loves musicals. Suri loves them. And I’ll never forget going to The Sound of Music when I was a kid. My mother was working and it was us four kids. It was a big thing in our family…It was a big afternoon for us.”

In addition to musicals, he’s also interested in doing an animated film or two!

“We all love those Pixar and DreamWorks [movies],” he says. “But I haven’t found one that I said, ‘Yeah, I’m gonna do it.’ But yeah, I would do it.”

In the immediate future, however, is figuring out where they want to spend the holidays – the past few months have been spent in New York City, and they might just stay.

“I love that time of year there,” Cruise says of New York. “It’s magic.”

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  • Sherry

    Shoes? Check! Tights? Check! Winter coat in December? Check! All’s right with the world! Suri is properly dressed!

  • Peta

    Hahaha! XD Although that photo’s a few days old, but thanks for the laugh.

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