Carlos Leon On Madonna & Guy’s Split

Madonna’s ex, Carlos Leon, is speaking out about the Queen of Pop’s recent split from Guy Ritchie. Perez Hilton has details from the HELLO! magazine interview with Lourdes’ father. The 42 year-old actor says, “It is a bad situation for both Guy and Madonna and I send them a lot of love and all the children involved. I think it is too early to say if the divorce will make things better or worse for the family.”

Carlos then went on to say that Guy “is the gent. He always treats me with respect. Of the film work of the two, I like Ritchie better. He is incredibly talented as a director and producer and he inspires me.”

He then went on to discuss his 12-year-old daughter Lourdes, “I speak to her every day. She is very talented, she gets that from her mum. She has had advantages I never had. But it is up to her to take it to a new level in singing or acting.”

Interesting! Not only does Lola look just like her mom, maybe she also inherited her famous mother’s ambition and vocal talents?!

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  • justme

    what vocal talents?? lol

  • V

    justme, that’s so funny, i clicked on comments just to post that very thing. lol

  • Sophie

    Hopefully the girl will do something worthwhile with her life. I think she’s got a good head on her shoulders, and let’s face it, her mom seems to be an alright parent…

  • Kris

    He sounds like a good guy.

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