Jenna Jameson Shows Off Her Belly

Jenna Jameson, who is five months pregnant with twins with boyfriend Tito Ortiz, did a small photo shoot showing off her belly and posted the pictures to her Myspace! To see the rest, head over there.

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  • Krz

    Could we leave porn stars off this website please? I don’t understand why such a beautiful site as this would put people who made a living out of something none of us would/could show our children would be on here.

  • Ciara

    She retired from porn, so technically she is no longer a porn star.

  • Dea

    She is still channeling the seductive poses..wonder how family members react when they receive her “holiday greeting” card.. :-@

  • gini

    Ugh disgusting! Her babies will probably just fall on out when they are ready.

    • Anonymous

      LOL……..that was hilarious…..but true!

  • Queen if the LaLa Land

    Way to go being sympathetic and anti-judgemental.
    She deserves her happiness as much as any woman. I’m not going to hold it against her what she has done in her past… It was then, this is now, I wish her all the happiness in the world.

  • Rinoa

    Even if she was a porn star now, I still wouldn’t care. Why does it matter to anyone here what she did/does? She’s a gorgeous woman and looks so much better now that she has put on some weight. She was scary skinny a few months ago.

  • Deana

    She looks beautiful. And let us all remember, babies are ALL beautiful and are a blessing, that is what this site is about.

  • gini

    I agree all babies are beautiful and a blessing but imagine how her children will feel when they find out what she has done. I imagine it will be quite embarressing. And I’m sorry that I have no respect for porn stars.

  • Moore

    I couldn’t find the rest of the pictures but if they’re anything like that one then I’m not impressed and quite frankly I think it’s a little tacky. I find that pose to be slightly provocative. She’s not straying too far from her previous image or at least it doesn’t look like it. Again, this is based on that one photo.
    I’m happy for her of course. A child or two is a blessing and if they can inspire a change within the parents that’s all the better. I hope she has a safe delivery.

  • Katrina

    I dont have an issue with porn stars, and i dont think less of her for it. What i DO think is weird is shes allowing them to do all sorts of advertisements on other websites such as myspace and theyre billing her as a model.. um no, shes not a model anymore then the burger king cashier is a model, or im a model. She doesnt do anything other then the porn, retired or not, so i dont see any reason she should be doing any press right now other then being pregnant.

  • Janie

    She is tacky and has no class! Thoses poses are ridiculous.

    Once a porn star always a porn star!

  • Boba Fett

    I guess Janie’s got a point there after all:
    once narrow-minded always narrow-minded… Oh well…

    Being a porn star is just an occupation and I don’t see why it would make her any less of a good person that she raised a mighty fortune by making adult films. Being tacky (? or beautiful I should say) in one photo doesn’t make her a unsuitable mother but it sure makes some ladies anxious.

  • Lala

    She looks great, and the picture wasn’t for a holiday card, it was for her myspace, which you don’t have to look at if you don’t want to. Its not a super seductive pose either. Get over it. She looks beautiful!! And this is called celebrity baby scoop, and she is a celebrity, so lay off the rude comments asking her to be taken down.

  • Jennie

    I find it a tad bit hypocritical that people are judging/attacking people for “judging” this woman.

    Everyone has an opinion, whether you agree or disagree with it. Porn is one of those touchy issues and can bring up strong feelings/opinions in people.

    Now, personally, I am against the porn industry but I have nothing against this woman now that she is trying to move on with her life. She has gone through a lot and I feel for her. I’m very happy that she has gotten this chance to become a mother after so many heartbreaking let downs.

  • Jen

    Well, I’m sorry, but any woman who has a “Don’t ya wanna scr*w me, fellas?” look on her face while her pregnant belly is poking out HAS ISSUES. Call me judgemental, that’s fine. These aren’t pics for her boyfriend, they’re for her hornball fans. Geesh. Since when it is “judgemental” to call a spade a spade?

  • Jane

    Why is a pregnant woman posing seductively like that?

    She is sick porn star!

  • Dea

    Ladies, nobody said she will be an unfit mother. Everyone who posts here has the right of an opinion as you do. Yes, she definitely WAS “against the grain” thus understandably people may find it hard to connect her with something pure/innocence like babies.

  • Jessica

    I personally think that her being a porn star in no way determines the type of mother she will be. I think so far she has acted like any normal pregnant woman in being excited and wanting to show off her bump. I do think that the “do me” face is completely unnecessary for this photo though. It should be more joy and less sex

  • Thaddeus Buttmunch

    But what if kids make fun of her kids b/c their momma is a freak?

    you know how cruel they can be!

  • Anonymous

    i am a guy and i was jus going through the page…i thunk she looks hot wit=t a belly……….she s da dream of millions of guys…….so ladies u all shuldnt be bitchy instead respect her she s goin to be a mother….

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