Kate Hudson Covers InStyle

Mom to 4 1/2-year-old son Ryder and divorced from his dad, rocker Chris Robinson, Kate Hudson revealed to InStyle magazine that she plans to stay single for awhile.

“I’m actually enjoying being single right now because I really never have been. I feel good in relationships,” says the 29-year-old actress. “I enjoy them, so I feel my best when I’m in something solid. But it’s also the first time I’ve ever taken a step back and gotten a new perspective. So, I’ve made a conscious decision to try to stay single as long as possible.”

But, Kate says, there is one man she plans to spend more time with – Ryder! Stating that she “plans to take a break next year” so she can spend more time with her son, she said,

“When he climbs into bed with me, wraps his arms around me and says, ‘Mommy, the sun’s up! It’s a beautiful morning!’ I’m sorry, do I really want to go to work then?” she asks. “No!”

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  • gia

    hhmmm…did she really need to be THAT airbrushed on that cover?
    she may be “single”, but didnt she used to allude to the idea that her & her ex husband still hook up now & then? i thought i remembered reading something like that, but i am not sure.

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