Tom Cruise Would “Love” Suri To Be An Actress

Tom Cruise gushed to PEOPLE on Monday night at the New York premiere of Valkyrie that 2 1/2-year-old Suri has an advanced vocabulary: “Her vocabulary is incredible. I love hearing ‘I love you, dada,’ or, ‘I love you, mama.’ ” The 46-year-old A-Lister said he loves being a father, “I just love every moment. We’ve got the teenagers and I’ve got the two-and-half year old and to have that I feel lucky.”

Tom said his marriage to Katie Holmes is strong than ever, “It doesn’t take a lot of effort with her. Like tonight, everyone is asking, ‘Where’s Kate?’ She is hosting the family and the friends tonight.” Tom admitted to being a hopeless romantic. “I leave flowers in her dressing room all the time. I write little love notes … wishing her well.”

In Valkyrie – his World War II thriller out Christmas Day – Cruise stars as Col. Claus von Stauffenberg in which he wears an eye patch over his left eye. Apparently, Suri didn’t approve of this accessory, “Suri would come up to me and take it off,” he said. “So the girls in the makeup trailer got a little teddy bear with a patch on it and gave it to her and so she would play with it. That she would get used to the fact it was on me.”

Tom added that Suri has adapted easily to life on a movie set. “She’ll watch the monitor and talk.” When asked if he’d like Suri to become an actress, he replied, “I would love that,” he said. “Acting, that’s what I love. It’s a great life.”

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  1. Sarita

    I really like how he appreciates his job and what it has brought him. He realizes that he is lucky to have this kind of job and be able to make millions of it.

    I always hate it when other celebrities complain and say they work so hard, when they only work 6 months a year and for that 6 months make 20 million dollars (at least), ugh!

  2. gia

    acting has been very good to him, i can see why he would want the same for suri…especially if it made her happy.

  3. e

    Ok, for realz.. I want to like him, as I watched him on a re-run on oprah yesterday.. But come on.. Most actors say they will never let their kids enter the acting profession, etc.. At least he is honest about it

    The way he parades her in front of the paparazzi, rather than shielding her like most parents do- it’s no shock he wants this.. at least he’s honest

    They’re still mega annoying though!

  4. Katrina

    There are lots of children that follow in their parents foot steps, i dont think its strange to see him see signs in his daughter or for her to take an interest in it. its the same with anyone, bakers, actors, singers, farmers, whatever, sometimes kids follow sometimes they dont, but theres nothing wrong with being proud of your children and being happy

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