Update: Jodie Sweetin Accused Of Driving Intoxicated With Baby Zoie

Update: A judge has ruled that Jodie is now no longer allowed to see her 8-month-old daughter without supervision. A doctor took the stand in court today and claimed that Jodie had recently fallen off the wagon. However, he also confirmed Jodie has been in touch with her sponsor and is attending AA meetings. The doctor said she does not believe the baby is at risk at the moment.

The judge also ordered both Cody and Jodie to submit to drug tests before the next hearing.

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Jodie Sweetin is under emergency investigation by an Orange County, Calif., family court for substance abuse, PEOPLE reports. Cody Herpin’s lawyer released the following statement: “It’s primarily alcohol [abuse] but there’s also concern regarding methamphetamines.”

The ruling came after Sweetin’s estranged husband accused her of being an unfit mother. Herpin is accusing the actress of once driving intoxicated with their daughter in the car, TMZ reports.

The Full House star filed for legal separation from Herpin on Nov. 19, seeking joint custody of their 8-month-old daughter, Zoie. Papers filed by the 26-year-old star revealed the couple faced serious financial problems. Herpin, 31, responded with his own filing on Dec. 4, seeking sole custody of their daughter.

Jodie has since left the couple’s home with baby Zoie and moved in with her parents.

Sweetin is a recovering meth addict and has publicly acknowledged her addiction to the drug.

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  • Sam

    WHAT? That is some bizarre news!

  • Sherry

    My prayers are with this family.

  • Jen

    This is hardly a shock. The girl claimed she was a “recovering meth addict” one day, ditched her first husband, married husband #2 and had a baby all within, what, two years? There’s no way she was emotionally ready for everything she jumped into. Her separation with Cody was fishy and all signs point to her being unstable.

  • Peta

    *sigh* My thoughts are with the baby. Hopefully, her mother will get the help she needs.

    • Anonymous

      You know jus because they are filing for a divorce and she was an addict before, doesn;t mean she is using again just because her husband says she is, it could be a ploy on his side to try and get custody of the baby.

  • Alisa

    this really makes me sad, and i pray for better times for the whole family.

  • Erica

    I have to agree with you Jen…I was thinking the same thing when I heard she was seperated also I had read something weird about writing her daughter or what she would like her daughter to know when she grows up etc…made me think something bad had happend my prayers go out to her and especially the baby.

  • Sarita

    This family was doomed from the start, it al happened way too fast. I just feel sorry for that baby now.

  • Ava

    It is a shame that children have to grow up with unstable parents like this. They don’t ask to be born into that mess.
    And then there are so many good people out there that would make wonderful parents that can’t have kids….

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