Pregnant Kelly Rutherford Proud To Be Breast-Feeding 2-Year-Old Hermes

Kelly Rutherford is one busy mama! Us Weekly reports that the Gossip Girl actress is still breast-feeding her 2-year-old son Hermes, while pregnant with her second child.

“It’s an amazing bond with your child,” said the 40-year-old mother. “Some cultures do it up to five years, normally. I thought, ‘Well, I’ll just do it as long as it feels right for my son.'”

Kelly went on to state the benefits of breast-feeding, “I was thinner after my pregnancy than before, and I think a lot of it was the nursing. They say it helps your body get back to shape in a natural way.”

Photo: Flynet

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  1. christine

    what brand are the kids shoes???! i love em

  2. Anonymous

    Haha. If the kid can ask for it, he is too old to breast feed. That is just so weird to me to think of a two year still nursing. Just my opinion though.

  3. ivy

    yeah i think i would pump after a certain age, i know its good for the kid to get the breast milk as long as possible but i think i would feel weird too if my kid walked up to me and said “hey mom gimme a boob”

  4. gini

    There is absolutely nothing gross about it, obviously you are the sick ones relating her breastfeeding her son to something sexual. It is society who has equated breasts to sexual acts when their actual purpose is to feed babies but some people seem to forget that. The World Heath Organization actually recommends breastfeeding to 2 years and The American Academy of Pediactrics past one year. Some people just find breastfeeding as a whole to be gross, which is just sad. It is one of the best things you can do for your child.

  5. ivy

    neither one of us said anything about it being sexual, we said its weird for an older child to still be breastfeeding. if we found it sexual we wouldn’t breastfeed at all. do you find it sexual?
    i feel the same way about 2 year olds using a bottle or a pacifier. everyone is aware of the benefits of breastmilk, but there comes a time when breastfeeding should end. we all can choose for ourselves when that time is.

  6. Dea

    It’s her breastmilk, her baby, her choice..I personally will not breastfeed my son til 2 but hey it’s just me.

  7. Peta

    My mother was unable to breastfeed and, while I’ve rarely seen women out here breast feed past a year, I suppose it’s ok as long as Ms. Rutherford is healthy and the child isn’t lacking nutrients. I’m no expert, so who knows.

  8. Lysa

    I breast fed my daughter and my son for 27 months each. It worked for us and it felt totally natural. I actually missed it went it was over because I knew that I would not have any more children. Today they are healthy 23 and 20 years old. It seemed like yesterday…

  9. Erica

    I personally don’t have a problem with it…I breastfed my first child until he was 18 months old..I was a young mom and unsure how to ween him off lol and with my second kid I breastfed him just after his first birthday.I don’t know if I would go beyond two years old personally..and especially not five years old.

  10. nosoupforyou

    Some cultures breastfeed longer than that.

    I find it strange that some are disturbed by breastfeeding. It is natural and healthy.

  11. gini

    She said it was “gross” and weird. Now why would it be gross unless she was thinking of something sexual? If people think its weird, whatever thats their opinion, but to say that it’s gross is just ignorant.

  12. Isa

    I think it´s wonderful that she is still breastfeeding her son!

  13. Pencils

    It’s true that in a lot of the world, women practice extended breastfeeding, but it may not be for the reasons you think. Many communities don’t have access to a reliable clean water supply. Babies and young children are the most at risk from water-borne pathogens, so many mothers will breast feed to give their children the liquid they need. Also, the youngest child, especially if that child is a daughter, often gets the least food if food is scarce. What mother wouldn’t feed her child any way she could? And finally, many women breastfeed as long as they can as a form of natural birth control–the only form of reliable birth control they have access to. It doesn’t work for many women, but it does for some.

    Personally, I think I would have wanted my body back after a while. (I tried–boy, did I try–but I was unable to breastfeed my daughter.) And I think that after some point, three years, maybe, it becomes more about the mother’s needs than the child’s. YMMV.

  14. Anonymous

    It’s really the US that has the lowest breast feeding %’s…………sad since we’re considered the most educated………I think a lot of women want babies but don’t want to put the baby 1st for the long haul……..pregnancy is difficult and not everyone is willing to give to the baby afterwards…….if you are considering formula feeding instead of breast feeding you should really read the latest health related bonuses you achieve by nursing your baby exclusively…….I had one of my best friends die of leukemia a couple of years ago, she was only 35 and left behind a beautiful 18 month old little girl….I’ve now read that if you breast feed your child they have a 20% less likely chance to get leukemia………that’s just one of the hundreds of benefits.

  15. Anonymous

    It is wonderful that she is still breastfeeding her 2 year old. This is the gift that only a mom can give to her child and no money can buy it. Breastfeeding is more than nutrition, especially in toddlers…

  16. Anonymous

    Let every mother does for her and her son are affected, who are we to criticize? Some people do not give your opinion, insult making people feel bad. It hurts me more sensitivity when I see a man eating like a piggy in a restaurant and soiling more than his own son to see a breastfeeding mother, who on the other hand, is giving more healthy food can be given to a son. I’ve nursed mine to 5 years and 5 years have been the most wonderful of my life and only became ill 2 times from going to school and day has cured inches. Now 7 and is a happy child.

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