The Duggars Welcome Their 18th Child

Michelle Duggar and husband Jim Bob welcomed their 18th child, daughter Jordyn-Grace Makiya, this morning in Arkansas. She was delivered by Caesarean section at Mercy Medical Center in Rogers, weighed 7 pounds, 3 ounces and was 20 inches long.

“The ultimate Christmas gift from God,” said Jim Bob Duggar. “She’s just absolutely beautiful, like her mom and her sisters.”

Jim Bob Duggar said Michelle started having contractions Wednesday night. She needed the C-section, her third, because the baby was transverse. Jim Bob said both baby and mother were doing well Thursday night.

“We both would love to have more,” he said.

The Duggars now have 10 sons and eight daughters – Joshua, 20; twins John-David and Jana, 18; Jill, 17; Jessa, 16; Jinger, 14; Joseph, 13; Josiah, 12; Joy-Anna, 11; twins Jeremiah and Jedidiah, 9; Jason, 8; James, 7; Justin, 6; Jackson, 4; Johannah, 3; and Jennifer, 17 months.

The cable network TLC broadcasts a weekly show about the Duggars, called Seventeen and Counting.

“Our whole family is excited about Jordyn’s addition to our family,” Jim Bob Duggar said. “She’s just perfect in every way.”

(Above photo is of the Duggars after the birth of Jennifer last year.)

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  • ivy

    thats horrible and so irresponsible. the world is overpopulated enough.

  • Sam

    Ivy, I totally agree with you! But kudos to them!

  • Leandra

    I had two caesarians and was told that three is normally the limit. I think maybe the odd one has four but that is probably risky. Surely Michelle Duggar does not want to jeopardize her health by keeping on having more children?

  • Jen

    The world is overpopulated? Wow, socialist much?

  • Peta

    At the risk of sparking a comment war, how was Ivy’s remark a socialist one? We are 6 billion and ticking.

    Either way, congrats to the Duggars. I don’t know how they do it but all 17 pictured children look like healthy and happy enough, and that’s what we all want for children.

  • gini

    Those poor kids…all they are is like babysitters for the younger kids. They practically get no one on one time with their parents and get no time to just be kids since they are always so busy running the house and taking care of their brothers and sisters. I think it is so selfish of them to have that many kids. Well hopefully this being her 3rd c-section she wont be able to have anymore kids. Most doctors don’t reccomend it after 3 because the risk of the uterus rupturing is quite high.

  • Pencils

    It’s true that most doctors don’t recommend more than three C-sections because the possibility of rupture, but I bet Michelle Duggar’s uterus must be like old leather at this point after eighteen kids. Whew!

    I feel sorry for those kids. Probably only the eldest and the very youngest got (or will get, as she’s still popping them out) treated as a child. What kind of home life is that?

  • Dea

    Wow they are creating their own nation! Brad and Angie are so following their footstep. 🙂

  • suz

    Jim Bob? 18 plus kids? Could they be any more of a stereotype? Who is paying for all of these children? Who is checking that ALL of their needs are being met?
    Do we now need laws governing how many children people can have if they are too ignorant to stop procreating?

  • Sandra

    Congrats to the family.

    Why oh why do people keep commenting on others when it comes to the number of children they have? My grandmother had 12 children, and it is a big loving family. No one was not loved, just because they were a big number of children. It is so narrow minded to assume that.

    No one of you lives in a family like that, so keep your thoughts to yourself. We are happy having this enormous family. I hope for them they are too.

  • Isa

    I know that some of you are probably not going to like me saying this, but isn´t it a well known fact that third world countries are responsible for most of the overpopulation?

    In Europe there are not even enough babies being born so when someone here is deciding to have many children, like Charlotte Church for example, we should be very thankful and praise here because she is really making a contribution.

    I believe that in the U.S. the population is unfortunately growing at a rapid pace, mostly due to immigration from South America and not because people like the Duggars.

  • Isa

    Oops, it should be “because of” people like the Duggars. 🙂

  • Isa

    Just one more thing, I just realized that Mexico probably isn´t a part of South America so I guess I should have written that the population increase is partly caused by immigration of hispanics. I am not an expert on this in any way so if you believe that something I have written is wrong then please correct me. 🙂

  • Daze

    God Bless them. Like most large families I have seen, they manage it very well. To those worried about overpopulation, preach to the third world nations who can’t feed or cloth their children, yet have them in massive numbers any way. That is where it will do the most good. Most Americans control their numbers. Large numbers of people in developed countries have no children at all. I believe the Duggars take good care of their brood.

  • Pencils

    I believe that in the U.S. the population is unfortunately growing at a rapid pace, mostly due to immigration from South America and not because people like the Duggars.

    “Unfortunately” Isa? Why is it unfortunate? Because the Duggars are what you probably consider to be nice white people, not Hispanics? Yes, the demographics of the US are changing, but it’s not a bad thing. And it’s the story of America, like it or not.

  • gini

    It’s unfortunate because who do you think is paying for all those kids…the welfare rates in America are astounding. If you think that those people are doing it on their own, you’ve to be out of your mind. At this point, I almost think they keep having kids for fame and donations. And I have seen how this family works( they had a tv show)…and the kids lives basically consist of raising and occupying the other children.

  • Isa

    Pencils: Well, if you consider overpopulation to be a bad thing, then it is not good that the U.S. population is growing at a rapid pace.

    Apparently the number of hispanic people in the U.S. will nearly triple (!) by 2050, from 47 million to 133 million. The number of asians will increase from 16 million to 41 million. You can read more here:

    And the U.S. population as a whole is going to increase from around 300 million to 439 million by 2050! Don´t you think that is a problem?

    I am just saying that if you are worried about overpopulation in the U.S., then do something about the immigration instead of blaming it on families like the Duggars.

  • sugar mama

    have any of you seen the shows about them? the very shows that talk about how they’re debt free, shop goodwill and second hand shops, own rental units/businesses, used car lots, pay for everything in cash….not to mention that they’re making money from TLC, discovery health channel and other promos???

    while i don’t agree with having 18 kids (to each his own, though! it is a free country) they’re not draining our tax dollars by being on welfare.

  • sugar mama

    ***and by “any of you” i’m asking those who assume the duggars are milking the welfare system.

  • Theresa

    Well having watched the show once…which was more then enough for me…I saw…kids raising kids…kids assuming a role they shouldn’t have to as kids…yes I have no doubt they love their kids…that isn’t my issue…but when a 6 year old is made to babysit and change diapers and feed younger siblings…that is not right…not everyday…day in and day out…chores/responsibilities are one thing…but making a young girl into a mom at such a young age is wrong…and if you have seen the show you will have seen that they encourage the girls to only do what are considered “female” jobs (cooking, cleaning, watching the kids etc.) and the boys to do the “male” jobs (cutting wood, building etc.) they are teaching their children that there are only certain things they can/should do…which I believe is wrong…and hopefully they won’t have anymore kids! Just my opinion…LOL!

  • LaKesha

    We all are endowed with certain rights…one of which is how, when, and how big to grow our families. 18 children works for their family.

  • Leandra

    They’re probably millionaires even though they live simply due to their moral and religious values. They’re not making peanuts with those shows they do for TLC. Plus real estate can be very lucrative. I think now would be a good time for these people to stop procreating. It’s a health issue now with Michelle having 3 c-sections now. Somehow I don’t think that will stop them from having more.

  • kassandra

    But surely LaKesha, children have a “right” to be children? It’s one thing being self-sufficient financially/materially as the Duggars’ appear to be, but part of being a child is the few precious short years free of the kind of responsibilities that appear expected of the older kids. Parents should do what’s right for the child(ren), not just procreate on a whim!

  • Katrina

    Im glad sugar mama finally pointed it out.

    First off, i DONT agree the duggars with having so many children simply becuase they force every older child to have a younger child to take care of, and basically raise. It annoys the crap out of me every time i hear shes popping out a new one. I was a kid without a childhood, raising my young siblings, and i can tell you it was a crap childhood and no life you should impose upon a child.

    that being said, they arent living off of ANYONE. They lived in a tiny house until they could raise the money for the big one. they shop at thrift stores and garage sales, etc. They spend less money on all of their kids for shoes and clothing then most of us do for one child. Not that i like what they make the kids wear.

    Its extremely ignorant to start slamming people and making wild accusations without even having seen the show or learned anything about them.

  • melanie

    i really dont think i should judge b/c i do not personally know them
    but i read something they said and they talked about how they want each child to feel special..but how can u feel special having 17 siblings..that just wouldnt make me feel good

    but congrats 😉

  • bt

    Why people in audience care about how many kids Michelle Duggar and husband Jim Bob, Have too many kids that’s bless from God. Today many woman want to have kid so much and they can’t have. We all have to thankful to this beautiful family

  • Pencils

    Isa, I don’t think we do have a problem with overpopulation here. The United States was founded on immigration, it’s what makes us strong. Sadly, as each new ethnic group becomes assimilated, they tend to start complaining about how there’s too much immigration. It’s been going on since the 19th century.

    The problem I have with the Duggars is that I don’t think it’s fair to the children to force them to take care of their younger siblings to the extent that is necessary in a family of 18. It’s a good thing for kids to care for their younger siblings to a small extent, it teaches them a great deal. However, kids deserve their own time to do whatever they want, and I find it hard to believe that these kids get any.

  • Abby

    who cares,their nice christian ppl who love their kids & if they wanna have that many kids let them its their choice atleast they take care of their kids unlike some ppl i think their doing a good job raising their kids CONGRATS Michelle & Jim Bob on ur beautiful babygirl Jordyn Grace Makiya 🙂 God Bless u & ur wonderful family

  • Karen

    It is incredible how understanding people are because they have 18 children, however if it was another race of people you would talk horribly about them. Dont believe for one second that these people are supporting their family on the husbands’ salary only. They are not sacrificing and saving their money to purchase items for their families. They do not have to recieve money only from welfare, you better believe they are getting a huge some of food stamps and probably many other benefits at our tax payers expense. Don’t justify them as the wonderful family because they are white. Many of you know that if it was a minority family with all those children you would be calling for the woman to have her tubes tide. Hypocrites.

  • Rachel

    I find it really funny how opinionated people are about larger families when 50-100 years ago, it was NORMAL! The Duggar parents do make time for each child individually and all of the kids are extremely well behaved and seem to be quite happy! Who says helping out your family/siblings is horrible? Is it so hard to believe that they actually enjoy doing it? They go on vacations and do activities all the time! They probably play outdoors more then my 3 kiddos do! In fact, they are probably happier and feel more loved then only children or children in smaller families!

    I think people are scared of parents that are raising their kids right and they have to tear them down to make themselves feel like better parents!

    God has obviously blessed them and NO Karen, they do NOT received food stamps nor welfare. This family is completely debt free and they buy everything with cash! They are an inspiration! Go on if you want and tear them down to make yourselves feel better, but I guarantee they don’t care what you think because they are more interested in glorifying God, not people 🙂 They don’t need to stroke your egos 😉

    On a side note, America is shooting themselves in the foot by having less and less children! The older population out numbers the younger working force and that is why Social Security is going to run out!!! There’s not enough population now to put back into Social Security to keep it running! God tells us in the Bible that large families are a blessing!

  • Isa

    “The problem I have with the Duggars is that I don’t think it’s fair to the children to force them to take care of their younger siblings to the extent that is necessary in a family of 18.”

    I agree with you on this, Pencils. And I personally would never want that many children.

  • Rosa

    I totally feel sorry for the older children who have to take care of their younger siblings. Our family was huge and to this day I resent the responsibility placed on me for my younger siblings. Not being able to work normal teenage jobs outside of the house, or go to social events at school because I was forced to care for my younger brothers.

  • Rosa

    I forgot to add I totally believe it is why I don’t want children.

  • melanie

    i agree karen

  • Anonymous

    I know a family with 13 kids ages 22 to 3, no multiples. When I asked the mother if they were done having kids she just laughed and said “well it is so easy now with all of the older siblings to help, why not just keep having more?”

    The kids do not know family life any other way, and the mother doesn’t know how to be anything besides pregnant. As for dad…of course he’s not complaining!

  • Anonymous

    My question is “why have this many kids?”. I know this is a religious family, and that they believe it is the wish of God to ‘go forth and multiply’, but it would be interesting to find out why they think God wants humans to keep multiplying at such rates, why it is important as a good Christian (though it’s not only Christians), to bring many children into this world. God must have a reason and a purpose for this, and I’m curious as to whether the Duggars, or any other religious family with many children, have mused about this, or if it really is just following what the Bible says literally, seen as the word of God, and absolutely no wonderings as to the reasons behind those words. Even as a zealously religious perosn, wouldn’t it be good to have a good argument at hand to back up the word of the Lord? Even if it’s just to explain it to those who are having issues with the ‘blind faith’ approach. Anyone?..

  • Anonymous

    I find it absolutely sickening that they had another child. If you want so many children why not adopt. What is the purpose of having so many children. This woman has no identity besides popping out children. Yes, they had large families in the old days, but it is a completely different story. Contraceptives were not readily available. I am sure many of these woman would have wanted it differently.

  • ivy

    #36- i think that part in the bible was probably put there because the world needed to be populated back then.
    people with any intelligence or common sense should see that having that many kids these days isnt good for anyone. i guess the duggars have neither.

  • LaKesha

    18 children works for this family.

  • Jennie

    They are too living off of other people. They are not on welfare. However, they write their house off as a church on their taxes, so they don’t pay any property tax whatsoever. If that is not cheating the system, I do not know what is. Just because there are 20 people who gather in prayer there all the time. That is not fair to the rest of us. My family prays all the time. Can we claim our house as a church too?

  • Erica

    Jennie, how do you know this? Personally I think its very irresponsible to have that many kids. Especially when they have to raise eachother..also it made my skin crawl when I saw an episode where one of the daughters i believe her name is Jessa said the girls wear their hair long cause their DADDY likes long hair..i mean WTF? That raised a red flag with me..especially since a lot not all but a lot of these deeply crazy religious families usually have the dads..molesting the kids. Why do the girls care what turns on their Daddy that is not of their concern? I stopped watching the show after that…

  • Amanda

    Though I don’t agree with having that many kids, whatever floats their boat.
    Who are we to judge?

  • anonymous

    I’ve watched the show twice. I agree with the comment that the children perform activities which are very sex-stereotyped. As I recall, the children are home-schooled too, aren’t they? The entire lifestyle may be okay for them, but it’s very restrictive. I don’t know what type of aspirations the girls have for their future, but it sounds like the only thing they have been taught is that they should have one baby after another. My mom was one of four, which is small compared to this clan, and she said that there were too many children, especially during the Depression years; it was really hard on her, as she was the youngest.

  • Dea

    Kids are a blessing but we need to think about practicality here folks, I for one want my kids to have the best education, family financially stable, and (this may sound cliche) avoid extra world’s carbon footprint. who ever is Mrs. Duggars’s OB-GYN should be back-slapped in the head.

  • Bianca

    Rachel: Amen! Well said…

    Congratulations to Michelle & Jim Bob!

  • Jen

    My only concern is for Michelle’s health, I couldn’t care less how many children she has. If she has another child, how will she safely carry and deliver it? If something happens what will happen to her wonderful family?

    In regards to her family, I am amazed at how well her children behave. She is an inspiration with all her patience and love. If those children said they had an issue with what they were having to do for their family, I believe they would value the opinion and fix the issue. What they do works for them.

  • Audrey

    Like them or not, tell the truth when discussing them. They attend a church, they do not claim their home as a church. Therefore, they do not write it off.

  • Isa

    “In regards to her family, I am amazed at how well her children behave. She is an inspiration with all her patience and love.”

    I just have to say that after watching some videos of them on YouTube I agree with you. I also find it absolutely amazing how well behaved all the children are, and both children and parents seem so happy and content in such a genuine way.

    I have never watched their TV show though so I don´t really know much about them, and of course we don´t know if they always behave the same way when the cameras are off but the impression that I have gotten of them is that they are really good people.

    I just still don´t know if I like the fact that the older children have to take care of the younger ones. I wonder how they really feel about it, if they feel like they are being robbed of their childhood or if they are okay with it. That would be interesting to know.

  • Nychole

    I only have one baby and one on the way, my husband and I have a hard enough time trying to find alone time with one child let alone 18. When do these people find the time to make the babies let alone take care of the ones they have.

  • Kaeli Tvinnereim

    Praise the Lord the baby is healthy, and the mother as well!!! You all who have been saying nasty things should be ashamed of yourselves. If you read the Bible ( as God commands us to ) Then you’ll find children are a blessing; no matter what the number is, every one of those children are blessed. Praise the Lord for God-fearing parents who put their love and trust in the Almighty God. It is better for these children to be born into a huge family that loves God and each other, then to have them born into a family that has no love and respect for God or each other. It is prideful of you all to keep saying the things you do. Our country was founded on Christian principles and standards, and “huge” God-fearing families are what made our nation so great. Praise the Lord for you Duggars, and I pray that there will be many more of you. God Bless!!!

  • Michelle

    To those worried about overpopulation, you might be interested in the movie, Demographic Winter. I learned a lot from it and think you might, too!

  • bonita b

    The Duggars have displayed no nastiness whatsoever…not to each other & not to anyone else.

    The Duggars are willing to severly restrict themselves (no kissing b4 marraige, modest dress for both genders) so as to not offend God or man. Thru selflessness, self-control & self-sacrifice, the Duggars display true love, morality, humility & respect, which are the foundation of the FUNCTIONAL family we all desire. Unfortunately not all are willing to do whaterver it takes to create a functional family.

    There is an old chinese saying, “Other people are our mirrors.”

    By their actions, the Duggars remind you (nasty commentors) that you have SEEN FOR YOURSELVES that you ARE NOT any of these these things.

    How many of you would give your right arm to be part of a loving family such as this?

    How many of you would give up a portion of your lives to have respectful, industrious children such as these?

    PUL-LEASE spare us the, “I feel so sorry for the children.” BAHLONEY! You do not! You resent the children. Several of you have said as much, (my paraphrase) “They’ve got too many already!”

    SHAME ON YOU!!! Perhaps YOU are ONE TOO MANY in this world.

    Even some who claim to ‘believe in God’ think there are too many people in the wolrd. Let me remind you so-called believers that God made the world for people & not the other way around.

    Let me remind you that God so-loved people that Jesus came to die for people. Do you honest-to-God think God would consider ANYONE as ‘1 too many”?

    And let me remind you what Jesus said about little children, “Of such is made the kingdom of heaven…unless a man becomes like a child he cannot enter heaven…it would be better for a man to tie a millstone around his neck & drown himself than to insult a child or cause a child to sin.”

    And those of you who ‘grew up in large families & resented taking care of younger ones or not getting enough of mom & dad’ … YOUR parents screwed up. Don’t blame Jim & Michelle for YOUR bitterness.

    Those of you who resent homeschoolers just because you do not love your children enough to even entertain the idea of it, doesn’t mean that those who do should not be allowed.

    Anyone who has successfully completed high school SHOULD know ehough to be able to teach K-12 subjects with good materials. Laura Ingalls Wilder (Little House author taught school at age 15!)

    The Duggars have set a high bar & accomplished much good.

    ALL of you nasty commentors have done nothing more than reveal your own nastiness & low expectations.

  • Pencils

    Bonita B–the Duggars are breeding their giant family for their own reasons. Not because they are selfless–if they were truly selfless, they would adopt children who don’t have homes or parents. Partially, they have kids because they think they’re supposed to because of their religion. That’s fine, they can do what they want, but I don’t happen to agree with their religious beliefs, and I believe they are shortchanging their kids, who deserve parents, not breeders. Parenting is about more than just making and having a baby, it involves raising that baby for the next eighteen (or more) years. I don’t believe that any parents can give that many kids enough individual attention, and I don’t believe it’s fair or even good to force the older children to give up their childhoods to take care of the newest babies.

    I don’t happen to believe that God cares whether I’m dressed “modestly” or not, or whether I kissed people before my marriage, I believe God only cares how I treat my fellow humans and the world we live in. And since I don’t approve of how the Duggars are treating their family, they’re not particularly “godly” in my eyes, no matter how modestly dressed or virginal. I also don’t approve of inventing your own church to avoid paying taxes. Isn’t there something in the Bible about rendering unto Caesar what is his? I guess they didn’t read that part.

    But this is America and they can do what they want. However, that doesn’t mean that I have to approve of their lifestyle. Just because they’re religious it doesn’t mean they’re morally superior in any way. I happen to think their Quiverfull brand of religion is offensive to me as a woman–my uterus isn’t a clown car, and I have a lot to offer this world besides my ability to make beautiful babies.

  • Dea

    Well said Pencils! *standing ovation*

  • carolyn

    Many congratulations to the duggars. I live in UK and am desperate to find out when their shows are on tv. I just find them fascinating and truly inspiring. I totally agree with michelle that children are like flowers, you can’t have too many. Well done guys!

  • Bonnie Hone

    I’m sorry, but we have to try not to judge… I, myself, wonder how this family does it with so many children… but then I came from a small family and it was NOT a happy, loving family. And then I have friends how came from or have big families and their children are always smiling… you never know….

  • needles

    to all those pencils and people who seem to have nothing more than to leave nasty comments ……… switch your internet off…. go take a long walk and be grateful your alive and kicking.
    I think people who come on to sites and comment on people like the Duggars have a very low respect for themselves,
    Take a look at the home the area the kids can play and be kids.
    Nobody is telling us we have to look after them no one is telling us to feed them,
    Theres love, trust and harmony in there home, the parents are not fighting and disrespecting anyone.
    The children are healthy and happy, and whatever they do as a family is none of anyones business,
    How would all those negative ppl like it if we commented on there familys,

  • Donna Lee

    I have read all the comments…and I have to say as the 15th child of my family, that although the older sisters and brothers had a roll in my growing years, they did not have to take care of us smaller children full time…Like the Duggars we had “buddies” who helped with dressing feeding and so forth…this is not uncommon in large families. As to over population…not even…God blesses each and every family whether you have one child or twenty! Do I think that Mrs. Duggar is having too many children? Not really, she and her husband have shown the world that it is possible to have a large family and have order…some may say the way they raise their family is old fashion…I say that old fashion has never gone out of style!!!! True morals and rules and believing that God is the main focus in ones life is not a bad thing…it is a blessed thing…As to Mrs. Duggar having more than three C-Sections and all the crap that some are saying…you could not be further from the truth…debating over her internal organs is outrageous! With having said this…I will say I know several women who have had over four C-Sections and have not had any problems with ruptures at all…If some want to know… After the surgeon makes an incision and the child is born..he has to close the insion which creates scaring and the scaring inside is call adhesions and it is these adhesions that might cause the womb to rupture…most of the time the womb is cut in the same direction as the abdominal cut which is done to create less adhesions and less stress in following pregnancies and repeat C-Sections….I don’t know a single woman who has had problems that lead to rupture. It is my single most grip that people don’t research things before they write about what they think is so! A little research goes a long way…but as a woman who has had four C-Sections…I know how it works…and if I could have had more children I would have…but it was not God’s plan that I should have more than four…I thank the Lord every day for my children…and yes they were raised in the old fashioned way…and have the morals of descent people…and yes I do have three wonderful grandchildren who are being raised with the same morals and rules my children were brought up with…maybe if others would go back to the old fashioned way there would be less stress, crime and so fourth…Thank you for the chance to say what I feel. Also if some are wondering…no our family is not one who dresses with the long dresses or long sleeves…We are Christians who regard morals and rules with the highest regard and have been raised that way. We are an ordinary family to say the least…God Bless….Donna Lee

  • Sarah

    There is no such thing as over populating the earth! God is the creator, therefore everyone was planned. It was not by mans doing that made a new life, but Gods. He said be fruitful and multilpy.
    He said” I knew you before you were in your mothers womb”.
    He said” You are fearfully and wonderfully made.”
    He said” I know how many hairs are upon your head.”
    God also said in the end of days before Jesus comes back that people would be saying,” It is more blessed to not have children then to have children.” It is because in the last days the bible says, People will be more lovers of themselfs then of God.
    God bless family!

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