Tom & Connor Cruise Compete @ The Box Office

Tom Cruise’s 14-year-old son Connor will have a slight advantage on his father at the box office this holiday season. As we reported back in April, Connor Cruise landed his first movie role in Will Smith’s new flick Seven Pounds, which opens tomorrow. Just six days later on December 25, Tom’s new movie Valkyrie hits theaters.

Connor, playing a small supporting role, is one of two children from Tom’s marriage to Nicole Kidman. Tom and Nicole also have a 15-year-old daughter, Isabella.

Huffington Post reports that Tom is very proud of Connor’s acting gig: “Who knows what he’s going to do?” Tom said. “He’s grown up on [acting]. I’ve always had my kids there, in hair and makeup, just always around the sets. They’ve worked on sets.”

Tom went on to say he’s played acting class games with all three of his children, and they’ve often watched him develop characters. The 46-year-old superstar recalled the day he drove Connor to his audition for Seven Pounds as a “great father-son moment.” Tom and Will Smith, who are close friends, were in the room when director Gabriele Muccino asked them to leave: “[Muccino] looked at me and Will, and Will and I were like, `How’s he doing?’ And the director just said, `Out!’ So we were standing in the hall for about half an hour or something, wondering, `What’s going on in there? What’s happening?'”

Clearly Connor did something right – he got the part! Connon plays a young Ben Thomas, Will Smith’s character, in the movie. Which movie would you rather see – Tom or Connor’s?

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  • Tasha

    Valkyrie looks like a crappy movie. Way to go for Connor landing his first role. The thing that really bugs me is that Tom wasn’t at the premiere of Seven Pounds. What a supporting father! Unbelievable.

  • Dea

    Nepotism at its best.

  • CM

    you know i like tom. I find that whenever he talks about his kids, more specifically Suri, he almost always talks about all three of his children….he always talks in this inclusive way. Whereas i dont get that from nicole. Something is just off about her and the adopted kids (they call her by her first name but the call katie mom and she says they always have so it has to have started before katie entered) and i know around the time of their divorce she worked A LOT, so i cant imagine she spent a lot of time with them, especially with celebs always saying they have to cut down work once they have a family. and when she talk about this new child its like she doesnt already have two others….Idk, i like tom and find it odd that people are always criticizing him when he seems to always have his children and seems to very clearly care about family

  • Betsy

    One word for you, nepotism. It seems to be running rampant in the Will Smith and Tom Cruise families.

  • RW

    Connor really does slightly resemble Tom. I find it so interesting and so intriguing that adopted children actually begin to resemble their adoptive parents. I find that to be a subtle gift from God, because you can see the connection between two people who aren’t related by blood, but rather by love.

  • Katrina

    You guys are SO right.. becuase im sure youve never favored any of YOUR relatives.

  • Tasha

    Sure, people may favor certain relatives over others but parents should NOT favor certain children over others. The kids will grow up thinking they’re not good enough.

  • LaKesha

    How do we know that Connor or Isabella are any less favored than Suri?

  • Granny

    We dont know that Connor and Isabella call Nicole by her first name. Besides my husband and his brother always called their parents by their first name and they are close and tightknit family. And as for calling Katie Mom, my grandkids called both their father and their step-father Dad. No problem there either.

    And look how married people often start to look alike. I find that amazing.

  • CM

    I didnt say there was a problem that they called Katie mom, I actually think its cool. And we do know they call her Nicole because Nicole has said so herself in an interview.

  • Lala

    You know, the thing about the Smith kids is that they really are good actors, it may be neopitism, but its not like they suck, especially being as young as they are.

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