No More Kids for Will Smith

40-year-old Will Smith – dad to 16-year-old Trey from a previous relationship and 10-year-old Jaden and 8-year-old Willow with his wife Jada – says that he and Jada have decided not to have any more children, but they are looking forward to being grandparents!

“Jada and I sat down and asked, ‘Where do we see ourselves?’ We went to 40 years from now. We see ourselves some place where there are seasons. That’s a big thing for Jada. We think there are mountains. We think we live on a golf course. We don’t have more children – we have grandchildren.”

Will also said that he and Jada have “a marriage plan” for the future and encourages others to do the same.

“We did a business plan. Listen, everyone should do a marriage business plan. Why are you together? What’s the point? Because he’s cute? That’s not going to hold up. It can’t just be sex and somebody can cook.”

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  • melanie

    they talked about this years ago..jada said if they got a boy and a girl, that they were done

  • Dea

    Amen sister!

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