Jessica Alba: It’s A Family Affair!

Jessica Alba, husband Cash Warren, daughter Honor Marie, and other family members went out to lunch at the Griddle Cafe Sunday morning, then they stopped off at American Apparel before strolling around the Fairfax Flea Market enjoying the mild LA weather.

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  • Katrina

    She does look predominantly like Cash, but she really does resemble Jessica as well.

  • Sarita

    I feel a bit sorry for Honor, will be difficult having a mom that is considered gorgeous by many when you yourself are not. Maybe her looks will improve though!

  • ll

    Wow, we’ve already decided Honor isn’t beautiful and given her a complex about it? She’s six months old. I think she’s an adorable baby.

    I wanted to comment to say thank you for the lovely pics of Jessica and her family, it was so nice to see.

    Then I read the comment from Sarita. 🙁

  • LuvMyJolie

    Honor is a beautiful baby.

    Sarita i’d love to see what u look like… So wrong to talk about a baby

  • ivy

    honor is really cute. and i wouldnt say a lot of people consider jessica ‘gorgeous’, she’s actually pretty plain looking.
    i have friends that are prettier than she is.

  • Sam

    Actually, Honor is resembling Jessica a little more!! Look at that expression she has on her face, and those eyes. I think she’s a beautiful baby

  • natalia

    who’s the little girl with them. she’s beautiful

  • Sarita

    I never said I was beautiful and I didn’t say Honor was ugly! maybe I sounded to harsh and I didn’t mean to but I do feel that there is nothing wrong with admitting that some babies are more beautiful than others. It’s the truth…and every sees something else as beautiful.

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