Michelle Duggar On How Many Is Too Many

The Duggar family, which just welcomed #18, Jordyn-Grace, was on the Today show this morning, and Ann Curry asked new mommy Michelle, “How many children is too many?”

Michelle’s reply: “Saying there’s too many children would be like saying there’s too many flowers. You just can’t have too many. I think they’re precious and just a wonderful gift.”

Added one of her daughters, “It’s like having a live baby doll.”

As for how mom and baby are doing, Michelle says,

“She’s doing wonderful. I’m really thankful. I’m feeling good. We’re enjoying our sweet little girl.”

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  • Amy

    Kids are a wonderful gift from God, however, I think there comes a time when you say enough is enough….. is she saying that she is just going to keep procreating because however many they have is never going to be enough? Sounds scary to me and a little selfish if you ask me! Her eldest son is married and I am sure will be procreating soon, why not embrace the next stage of life and welcome grandchildren?

  • LuvMyJolie

    the whole family is brainwashed. Michelle is going to have children the same age as her grandchildren, she will still be havings babies when her youngest child starts. Gross…

  • Anonymous

    The Duggars are disgusting.

  • Deena

    I agree, Amy! That’s more than a HANDFUL.

  • Leandra

    This was her 3rd c-section. Plus she’s 42. Her uterus could rupture with additional pregnancies. Her husband said he’s looking forward to more children. He needs to start thinking responsibly, get fixed and she needs to realize that yes, children are like flowers and you can never have too many, but there comes a point where you have to start thinking about the HEALTH aspects.

  • I don’t think she understands the danger she’s putting herself in. Soon pregnancy will kill her and she will leave many young children without a mother. And that’s just down right angering that she doesn’t even think of that, of the fact that she’s risking her life with each pregnancy. She never lets her body recover from pregnancy, she’s having multiple c-sections, and she just doesn’t seem to care. But I guess in the end it’s God’s will, right?

  • sam

    her husband is looking to have MORE children????
    what the heck has the world come to, omg geez!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, we all love babies and I think that is why she keeps wanting to have children cause she misses them as babies, I could do that too, but unlike her, I am sane and realize that having more kids just to have a “live baby doll” is not realistic since they all GROW up!!!! Stop breeding and using it as propaganda!! What makes me sick is how they act like they are simple living religious folks, yet they have this big fancy house with all the “toys” ……..gimme a break!!

  • Anonymous

    Forgot to add, I agree with you Pamala. I think it is selfish not to worry/wonder what would happen if both parents passed away, that is an awful lot of kids to have someone else want to become guardian for! Here’s another idea, if she likes being pregnant so much, why doesn’t she do something totally unselfish by becoming a surrogate mother for couples who cannot have children? I think that would be something nice they could do.

  • Carrie

    She kind of scares me!~

  • Peta

    If Jim Bob’s body was also as taxed and stressed as Michelle’s during and after her frequent pregnancies, do you think he’d be so eager for more children?

    Does anyone know if other members of their religion have families as large as the Duggars?

  • Anonymous

    I find it distasteful to promote a TV show and a book while being interviewed on the birth of a child. And frankly, I think that the media coverage that this family is getting is probably encouraging them to have more kids (not that they need the encouragement, but still). At this point they’re a freak/reality show, and as soon as mom will stop having kids, there will be less and less interest in the family. As long as the family keeps growing, people will keep tuning in to see what the little nation of Duggars are up to. Maybe they can have canlendars and video games coming out next?… Having said all of the above, the one thing I have to give them, which I don’t see in many other families, is that the kids play an active part of the family, in that they all help out. Now before anyone jumps on me and says that kids should not have the responsibilities of an adult, I hold that opinion too. Only in my profession I get to see an incredible amount of families that treat their child(ren) as clients that have to be catered for, rather than as someone who can contribute and enrich the family, which is leading to a generation of kids growing up without having a sense of real worth and the understanding that they can make a difference.

  • Jen

    I agree with the comments on here about more pregnancies becoming risky for the mom. I think at this point, they both should really just evaluate if it is worth the risk of leaving those children without a mother. Also with her age, there are some health risks to the infant as well that she really needs to consider.

    I do have a positive comment to add, since there does seem to be a lack of those in regards to this family lol … her children are beautiful. Just, overall, a very stunning family and the children seem so polite and well behaved.

  • Dianna

    They are Baptist and no, we aren’t known for having large families. However they choose to follow the Quiverfull movement and the teachings of Bill Gothard. Their viewpoint is to eagerly receive children as blessings from God and the use of any form of contraceptives or other family planning is discouraged.

  • B.

    I’m seriously scared for their girls

  • justme

    I have to agree with all of you, and also I find it very sad that if the kids want one-on-one time with mom or dad they have to sign up in a list and sort of make an appointment. I really feel sorry for them all. And do they have any friends? Since they are homeschooled and seem to spend all day at home doing the household and playing instruments, do they have any other social contacts?

  • kassandra

    They seem like a nice couple, and obviously the kids are well provided for by their parents, but surely ALL children are a gift from God, so wouldn’t it have been better to adopt kids that will otherwise grow up in care if they wanted such a big family?

  • Sam

    justme~ I agree with you. How sad it must be to have to sign up for your own parents attention.

    To each is their own when it comes to how many kids you want but seriously when is it ever going to be enough for them?? I guess as long as TLC is paying them they’ll continue to breed.

  • Oneof11

    As the middle child of 11 (no twins, no adoptions), I can definitely say there is such a thing as TOO MANY! In addition to the health concerns surrounding so many pregnancies, think about the kids mental health. My mom was a stay at home (she had to be) and even then she just didn’t have enough time to spend with each of us, and frequently wasn’t able to keep track of what everyone is up to – they had to focus on keeping an eye on the “problem” children. Not to say they didnt do a great job, because I love my parents and none of us ended up alcoholics,addicted to drugs, or in jail, but there just is not enough time to give each of your children the attention they deserve and need. Add 7+ kids to that scenario and its impossible. Kids are a blessing, but they need to STOP BEING SELFISH and think of the kids they already have

  • Katrina

    I don’t like when families have to make a business of it, such as the lists… I totally believe in responsibility and chores, but they go so much past that. The older children are parents to the younger, and I personally know what thats like. Its miserable in terms of having your own life and experiences.

    I have a baby and 3 dogs, and i know with just having so many dogs, they dont get enough one on one time with me. I cant imagine how i would feel knowing i had too many kids to devote my time and attention to.

  • Rosa

    Sad, sad, clueless people. She doesn’t really care for these children. They are handed off to older siblings who actually care for them. I agree with the poster who wrote that she likes them as babies. It’s like one of the children said, “thier like living dolls” this family is scary.

  • Sherry

    Why is it that the Duggars can be called “disgusting” and “freaks” anonoymously but when I do it, my comments are deleted. Some people don’t want EQUAL rights…they want SPECIAL rights.

  • d

    I think when you start thinking of kids in terms of numbers, not individuals, that’s a problem. Each child deserves quality time with their parent, and with that many, it’s just not possible. I also wonder if it is God’s will that they have a reality show….never saw that in the bible 🙂

  • Lala

    I was raised in a pretty sequestered environment with families that also followed Bil Gothard’s teachings. It wasn’t unusual to have families with 16-17 kids, but the norm was more like 5-6. We were all homeschooled, had church at homes in the community, pretty scary looking back and I am glad that my family got out. I hope their kids can adjust to the real world and learn survival skills. Otherwise they are screwed, because they won’t learn them at home.

  • Jeanine Boone

    I would not care to live like they do nor to have as many children but I think Michelle is a much more caring mother and wife then Kate Gosselin. How can it be healthy to repeatedly say what a waste Jon is in front of his children? The girls will never know how to be in a relationship that involves respect. I don’t buy her excuse as to being so busy that she can’t talk to him like he is a human being. Michelle may look “brainwashed” but at least she is showing her children what a loving marriage looks like. Cancel Jon and Kate already. Now they have that great big house and we will be listening to how horrible it is for her to clean and round up the children for who knows how many more episodes. Enough is enough!

  • Individual

    I agree with the comment, that the parents should focus on spending quality time with each child,..and it’s sad to know that the kids have to set an appt. to have individual time with their parents!!!!
    I think a regular school teacher, doesn’t even do that!! I know that kids can come up to the teacher, and say “they want to talk”, and usually are taken care of immediately,..I know because my sister is a teacher, and she dedicates individual time with her students, despite the fact that she has her own two children. I think they should stop having more baby dolls, and instead focus on the ones they have, even the oldest son, and wife, agree to only having 2 or 3.
    I am sure the eldest boy knows it’s better, because he probably wants to spend quality time with his kids, which is something he didn’ t have, …having to grow up with 17 other siblings!!!!

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