Reese & Deacon Meet Jake For Lunch

Reese Witherspoon and her 5-year-old son Deacon meet Jake Gyllenhaal for lunch at Pizzeria Mozza on Saturday.

Reese’s holiday movie, Four Christmases co-starring Vince Vaughn, is doing very well at the box office this holiday season.

Photos: Flynet

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  • melanie

    whooa reese looks pissed. i’d be mad too tho

  • Sherry

    Doctors get asked medical questions at church…..nurses are accousted with questions ANYWHERE they go ….auto mechanics are asking for adice when they are out and about so get over it celebs or quit taking our money and looking indignant when you get notcied!!!!

  • Tara

    She looks pregnant- her over sized sweater is stretched really weird across her mid section.
    And yeah- she looks angry too. I would be too if i was photographed everywhere i went.

  • LuvMyJolie

    theres no way shes prego… but i will say that she should be used to being photo’d by now, its part of her life.. she needs to just get used to it. As sucky as the paparazzi is, and there should be laws against what they do, theres nothing she can do except, well accept it.

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