Melanie Griffith & Kids Enjoying Christmas In Aspen

Melanie Griffith and her 19-year-old daughter, Dakota Johnson, were photographed cuddling up while they both smoke a cigarette on the streets of Aspen on Tuesday. Dakota’s father is Melanie’s ex-husband, Don Johnson.

Melanie is also mom to 23-year-old Alexander (pictured below), from her previous marriage to Steven Bauer. She also has a 12-year-old daughter, Stella, with husband Antonio Banderas.

Photos: Pacific Coast News / Flynet

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  • sam

    Shes a smoker? Ouch! not cool.

    Is it just me or does her son look like James Franco in that picture???

  • e

    Nice mother and daughter smoking together.. Great activity to do together! Terrible.

  • Lala

    there are even pics of her lighting her then 17 year old daughter’s cigarette. Yucky. Way to set an example.

  • melanie

    she’s over 18 isnt she??

  • Cait

    Over 18 or not – what’s the difference? Oh, cuz she’s an ‘adult’ ?

  • Rinoa

    Where I’m from, it’s legal to smoke at age 16. Smoking is clearly bad for you but let other people make their own decisions. I hate it when people are so judgmental

  • LuvMyJolie

    A mother is always a mother no matter how old the kids get.. maybe its just the way my mom operates but my younger sister whos 21 attempted to start smoking (my maternal grandfather died of lung cancer 10 yrs ago) and my mom flat out told her the terrible things that could happen to her body from smoking and she wasnt going to be able to live at home if she continued. Of course my mom probably really wouldnt have put her out but it made my sister re-evaluate her decision and she cut the smoking faster than she started. But they say if youre a smoker your kids are likely to be smokers too so that may be the case here….

  • melanie

    actually yes Cait, because she is an ADULT! it’s her decision, just because her daughter smokes in front of her does NOT make melanie griffith a bad parent. wow so judgemental you guys

    what if her daughter was smoking and melanie was not? what then?

  • LuvMyJolie

    Just because your over 18 doesnt technically make you an adult..

  • Marlene

    why is it they never have a picture of them without cigarettes in their hands .. way to go .. yes lets promote smoking!!

  • melanie

    okay luvmyjolie..but is it any of your business what melanie griffith’s daughter does??

  • melanie

    like you said “a mother is a mother no matter what age their child is”, and a mother is a mother no matter what flaws or mistakes that child makes. melanie doesnt have to disown her daughter because she smokes.

  • Katrina

    uh yeah, hate to break it to you but by law in the us being over 18 years old makes you an adult. This makes you able to make decisions like choosing to smoke, etc. I dont like smoking, and never will, but im not foolish enough to think i can run my kids lives once they turn 18. Youre an adult, you make your own decisions, good or bad.

  • Amanda L.

    Katrina, So just because it’s by law, your going to let your child do whatever they want ‘good or bad’ once they hit 18 years of age?? Are you serious?? LOL UM PLEASE tell me what an 18 year old knows about adultery hood??

  • Audrey

    18 year olds by law, can vote, enlist, marry and smoke. Parents don’t have to like it (and I don’t) but it is their right.

    Nothing says sexy like lit paper and tobacco hanging from one’s lip covering up your perfume – not.

  • melanie

    nicely put audrey and katrina!

  • suz

    Dakota and Melanie=yuck.

  • Miss

    Nice example to set for the younger kids!

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  • Anonymous

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