Baylee Littrell Is ‘Feeling Much Better’

This past week has been a tough one for the Littrell family – former Backstreet Boy Brian revealed on his website that his 6-year-old son Baylee was in the hospital awaiting treatment for what was eventually diagnosed as atypical Kawasaki’s Syndrome, an inflammation of the arteries around the heart. Add to that having to deal with it in the spotlight, and it doesn’t make for an easy experience.

“There were a lot of stories going around, a lot of wrong information on what was going on,” Brian’s wife Leighanne tells OK! in an exclusive interview. “I had heard stories that his heart had hardened or people thought he had cancer, and I just didn’t want it to get so blown up.”

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Leighanne also revealed that, before doctor’s reached the Kawasaki’s conclusion, Baylee had been diagnosed with everything from strep throat to hand, foot and mouth disease. That has inspired the couple to see a bit of a silver lining in their situation – the chance to try and keep other kids from being misdiagnosed.

“What I’d like to do is talk to some people about what we went through and make parents aware of our steps and actions so that maybe their kid won’t get misdiagnosed.”

Now, with Baylee back at home, they are focusing on getting life back to normal.

“We’ve had probably the craziest six days of our entire life and I hope that that’s the worst it gets. Baylee’s just running around in his Batman costume and he’s feeling so much better and his attitude is fantastic.”

Unfortunately, the hospital stay put a damper on something else – Christmas shopping!

“We’re trying to order a Santa because we’ve been in the hospital for so long. We didn’t get to shop or anything because we were in the hospital so now we’re shopping last-minute for all his family members.”

And the one thing Brian and Leighanne wanted under their Christmas tree after their ordeal? Just Baylee.

“We’re literally thanking every minute of every day because it’s actually the best Christmas present we’ve ever gotten.”

Be sure to pick up the next issue of OK! for the entire story of little Baylee’s battle.

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  1. melanie

    aw i’m glad! i hope he recovers fully

  2. ohh,,
    I hope Baylee be the healthy son next year…
    By The way, can I have the e-mails of Backstreet Boys personnel???

    Please send to my email:

    I wait…

  3. Anonymous

    “THE FORMER BACKSTREET BOY” is not Brian Littrell its Kevin Richardson and wish for Baylee to get well soon

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