Salma & Valentina Shop The Day After Christmas

Salma Hayek brought 15-month-old Valentina with her to Neiman Marcus department store in Los Angeles on Friday. As the 42-year-old actress left the store, she lit up a cigarette, while her mom Diana Jiminez tended to Valentina.

Photos: Goffredo Crollalanza, PacificCoastNews

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  • Sarita

    Valentina is a very cute child.

  • kim


  • Katrina

    I dont particuraly like smoking… but its not the end of the world. Shes not going to grow up ruined becuase her mom smokes, jeez

  • melissa

    I’m so tired of seeing people smoke, especially celebrities with Children. Poor little girl having to smell that daily.

  • MariaAnne


  • Nadja

    melissa, there are ways to avoid having your child confronted with smoke. If Salma only smokes outside (and I assume she does), little Valentina won’t be harmed. I don’t like smoking either, but people here are always too quick judging those people.

    Don’t forget that we get to see only small snapshots of their lives – some of you act as if you know them like your best friends. I’m sure you could be as easily condemned too, as everyone has flaws.

  • melissa

    I do not know any of these people nor do I care to, but smoking is unhealthy and even though she is outside and, her Daughter is just right there, she can still smell thr smoke and the effects…

    People just think because you are outside it is OK, but smoking outside you can still smell it..I mean really?? SIDS is known for being caused by second hand smoke!

    I have flaws and I’m not perfect but I would never smoke or drink around my Children…let’s not turn this into a arguement on the internet, I made my little point and I did not need a direct comment on what I said…..=)

  • ivy

    you can definitely still smell it when you’re outside, and it lingers around for a long time after you get into a car. my sister smokes and i make her wait 10 minutes after putting a cigarette out before she can get into my car!! that smell is so nasty and you dont notice it when you’re a smoker.

  • Jess

    blah, blah who cares?
    i don’t know why their is always a huge discussion about cigarettes on this site lately..

  • melanie

    wow, just because they’re celebrities people have to get all crazy judgemental..

    yeah smoking in front of children is bad, but what are you gonna do?

  • Sanja

    While I don’t like smoking, she’s a grown woman and can make her own choices. The only problem I have is that she recently said that she’s still breastfeeding Valentina and I thought that smoking while bf is a no-no, just like during the pregnancy?

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