Billie Piper Nurses Baby Winston

New mom Billie Piper and husband Lawrence Fox are on vacation in Miami with their 2-month-old son Winston. The family relaxed together on Miami Beach, but when her son got hungry, Billie quietly excused herself so she could cuddle and nurse him. Winston has a custom embroidered beach robe that says “The Name is Winston.”

Billie isn’t the only celebrity seen nursing in public – Gwen Stefani nursed Zuma at a park back in November. What’s your view on breastfeeding in public?

Photos: Pichichi-Garces/Splash News; Flynet

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  • Julita

    Breastfeeding is completely natural and i dont understand why would someone have a problem about that, and if they do, they should keep it for themselves

  • Peta

    My take is that if you need to feed the child, you need to feed the child. In both Billie and Gwen’s cases, at least they covered up. I’ve seen so-called celebrities flash their various parts in public for far less important reasons than nourishing their babies.

  • Julia

    Absolutely. I really don’t see what’s wrong with that !

  • Lysa

    I also think it’s the best thing ever. Just cover up a little and whoever don’t like it or understand it can just look away. I have nursed both my children in public places when I was out and they were hungry. That is the most natural thing to do.

  • Maribel

    I don´t think that should be an issue at all, just make some new moms don´t breastfeed their babies when they go out and give them the formula and sometimes don´t breastfeed at all just because they go out a lot

  • ll

    As long as they’re covering up, I think breastfeeding anywhere is wonderful. Though Billie might want to be a little more discreet – the other pictures I’ve seen from this moment are very revealing. But at the same time, breastfeeding is totally natural and great for mom and baby!

  • Erica

    I have breastfed in public and will do the same with this baby. Hey when i’m out and my baby is hungry im gonna feed him…would people rather I let my child starve? I say Bravo to moms breastfeeding is some sick minds that find breastfeeding offensive or “sexual” my god!

  • Devon

    As a breastfeeding mom, I think this is awesome.

  • Dea

    It’s really refreshing to read the positive comments about breastfeeding in public. I did the same thing too when my son was a baby and right here in shanghai, the shanghainese arent used to it (yet). They always (especially the men) stared at me for doing it (and I was discreet).

  • kassandra

    I’ve never had a problem with discreetingly feeding in public, although I know a friend of mine who was told to remove herself to the ladies’ lavatory when feeding her son, as if that adult would happily eat her lunch in a toilet!

    Breastfeeding is perfectly natural – it’s only a shame when we have celebrities like Angelina Jolie taking something so normal and trying to make it titillating by turning it into a magazine cover to promote a movie.

  • LaKesha

    Huh? Why wouldn’t Angelina’s display be just as natural and beautiful as anyone elses? How was it titillating?

  • Anonymous

    I breast fed my second child and did so in public as much as was necessar, as any mum knows babies go through stages of eating and eating and eating. As far as I am concerned people who have a problem with breast feeding in public see it as sexual and/or rude and need to get some help from a shrink!

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