Tom & Suri Go To See Katie

Usually it’s just 2 1/2-year-old Suri who gets to see mom Katie Holmes perform in her Broadway show All My Sons, but the two of them got a special treat tonight. Dad Tom Cruise, finished promoting Valkyrie for the moment, and came to see the show. The last time we caught all three of them leaving the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre was on the 18th.


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  1. Anonymous

    I was just thinking the same! I have been seeing shots of him here and there promoting his new film, and it seems like he aged OVERNIGHT! I don’t know his exact age…but he must be nearing 50?

  2. Dea

    Poor kid covers her eyes everytime the paps flash those lights while her parents grin like idiots. The least they can do is shield/cover her eyes.

  3. Kate

    The paps are there every time they leave the house. They can either scowl and get called jerks who need to leran how to deal with the paps, or they can grin and bear it and get called bad parents or show offs. Its a lose lose situation.

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