Celebrity Baby Scoop’s 1st Annual Readers Choice Awards

We are celebrating another year gone by in celebrity baby news. Over 8,000 of you voted and we’ve compiled the results of the 2008 Celebrity Baby Scoop 1st Annual Readers Choice Awards.

What a great year it has been for so many of our favorite celebrities and their adorable children! We watched as sweet baby Harlow transformed her mom, Nicole Richie, who was once dangerously thin and in trouble with the law. We were shocked when Ricky Martin announced he was the father of twin boys, and we delighted in Gwen Stefani’s second pregnancy and her stylish maternity duds. We shook our heads as Ashlee and Pete named their son Bronx and we couldn’t get enough of the Jolie-Pitt clan!

Of course, 2008 had its fair share of tragedy as well with the untimely death of new father, Heath Ledger, and the fatal plane crash that two-time father, Travis Barker, survived with critical injuries.

Check out the results of our 1st Annual Celebrity Baby Scoop’s Readers Choice Awards. 2008 was busy indeed…..

1. Favorite baby name: Winner: Harlow Winter Kate won by a landslide – Runner Up: Vivienne Marcheline in a distant second.

2. Worst baby name: Winner: Bronx Mowgli – Runner Up: Zuma Nesta Rock in a close second.

3. Most transformed by motherhood: Winner: Nicole Richie won by a landslide, – Runner Up: Nicole Kidman in a very, very distant second.

4. Favorite celebrity parents: Winner: Jennnifer Garner & Ben Affleck – Runner Up: Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale in a distant second.

5. Favorite celebrity tot: Winner: Violet Affleck – Runner Up: Shiloh Jolie-Pitt in a close second.

6. Favorite celebrity kid: Winner: Maddox Jolie-Pitt – Runner Up: Ava Phillippe in a close second.

7. Favorite celebrity mom: Winner: Jennifer Garner – Runner Up: Angelina Jolie in a distant second.

8. Favorite celebrity dad: Winner: Brad Pit won by a landslide – Runner Up: Gavin Rossdale in a distant second.

9. Best maternity style: Winner: Gwen Stefani – Runner Up: Angelina Jolie in a close second.

10. Favorite celebrity family: Winner: The Jolie-Pitts won by a landslide – Runner Up: The Stefani-Rossdales in a distant second.

11. Most shocking headline: Winner: Travis Barker was critically injured in a plane crash won by a landslide – Runner Up: Ricky Martin became the father of twin boys came in a distant second.

12. Favorite new baby: Winner: Harlow Madden won by a landslide – Runner Up: Knox & Vivienne Jolie-Pitt in a very distant second.

13. Saddest split: Winner: Liv Tyler & Royston Langdon – Runner Up: Madonna & Guy Ritchie in second.

We can’t wait to see what 2009 brings…..

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those were great polls! i love the garner-afflecks


I couldn’t agree more. Violet is the cute tot ever and I just love the Garner-Afflecks family.

You just forgot the most stylish celebrity tot/kid: (for me the winner is) Suri Cruise.


you’re right tess suri then kingston


I cannot stand the obssession with Harlow. How is that a nice name? Her mother, who has no need for a job and no worries in life, should have transformed her life long before she had Harlow. Shouldnt we be applauding people who were sensible in the first place? I’m sorry, but I’m not respecting a woman who does not have any career yet continually puts her own face in the limelight, and who pimps her daughter out for magazine covers


ice, Huh?


Ice, we love Harlow. How you feel about her mother has nothing to do with her- take it easy! And what’s with Knox and Vivienne being runners-up for favorite new baby? We’ve hardly seen anything of them! Nonetheless, all the kids on this site are great. Viewing them is my guilty pleasure 🙂 Love the site, silly contests and all!