Editor’s Pick: Best Pictures of 2008

From the free-spirited Matilda Ledger to the soft side of Russell Crowe, see the most amazing shots of the year from Celebrity Baby Scoop!

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  • Jess

    Love, love these shots!!!!
    My favorite is the first one of Matilda, and Ava Jackman!

  • Leandra

    I love the one with little Billy Burton kissing Nell. The look on that baby’s face is beyond precious.

  • Lauren

    My fave is Suri in the red dress and pigtails…priceless!

  • ll

    Fantastic choices! I’d only wish for more Harlow, but I bet everyone would say about their favorite tots.

  • Alisa

    i love all the Violet ones, but i really think the absolute best shot is the first one with Matilda… how precious is she!?

  • melanie

    aw that pic of ava jackman was adorable!! plus all the ones of violet and suri!!

  • Sarita

    My favourites are: The one with Mathilda running away, Ava Jackman and Suri in that red dress. All awesome shots 🙂

  • coco

    ava jackman and suri’s pics are the best. matilda’s running pic is hilarious.

  • Jennie

    I love the one of liev schreiber looking back at sasha . . .

  • Beautiful pic of Russell Crowe and his two boys.

  • Kieryan

    Aww how sweet is that first picture of Matilda! Great choices!

  • Aylin

    Thanks for these precious shots. I only wish we got to see more of Shiloh. This year it was just about 5 (?) photo-ops.

  • T.

    Looking at these pictures made me feel nostalgic. Great choices. The first one of Matilda, the Lily Sheen and the Ava Jackman ones were absolutely precious. My favorites. 🙂

  • That Pic of Ava Jackman is great! Soo cute

  • i really love these pics!But my favourite pics are those of Matilda,Violet, Shiloh,Suri,Kingston,Harlow and Honor and Sheryl Crow ‘ s baby.And Alexander Pete is very cute but i don ‘ t like the picture you put.But how about Max Liron and Zuma Nesta?

  • rachel

    all are so cute. leni is so pretty in her picture

  • Katrina

    I loved all the shots except the one of Kingston out and about in underwear and a white undershirt tank.. I cant say i understand how that one made it in…

  • tess

    I love all shots of Violet, the one with Suri in the red dress, the one with Ava Jackman is absolutely cute, Leni is really beautiful, and Savannah looks very cute in that shot.

  • anna

    my fevorite pic was of matilda on the bike, it was so cute.
    and i loved the photos of russell with his boys and also the one of leni with the dog.

  • Lioness

    Great pics, all of them!! Like most others, some of my favorites are of Matilda running away and Ava Jackman- those two are definitely among the best. But I also really love the one of Harlow (actually, my fav pic of Harlow is when she’s pointing at the camera- not sure why that didn’t make it on the list), of Leni and the dog (Leni is simply gorgeous), the one of Kingston in his undies, of Suri and the red umbrella, of Suri in her red dress, and of the Hazel and Finn running amok. Who I wish I saw one of: Ruby McGuire.

  • Julie

    Who is the beautiful little girl in Pic.3????
    They are all sweet Pics.

  • Julie – that is Francesca Bateman, and you can see more here –


  • fernanda

    Suri e Liv Helen perfects!!!


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