Ashlee Simpson-Wentz Hits The Red Carpet

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz made her first red carpet appearance since Bronx’s birth on Nov. 20. The 24-year-old new mom and hubby Pete Wentz hosted the New Year Eve’s Party at PURE nightclub in Cesar’s Palace, Las Vegas.

Ashlee looks great! She’s back to being blond again. Click here to see a recent picture of her with red hair. Which color do you prefer on Bronx’s mom?

Photos: Pacific Coast News

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  • Rinoa

    She looks so much better blond! It’s amazing how many women look better as a blond as compared to brunette or redhead.

  • anne

    Or not? 😉 I prefer Ashlee red — thought it suited her coloring — and now that she’s blonde again (particularly this shade and “style”), she’s back to being just-another-Simpson … yawn.

  • Rachel

    I think blond definitely suits her better!

  • Sarita

    She looks great, he’s just stupid.

  • Lala

    She looks great as a redhead, I agree that its so much more interesting than plain blond.

  • kw

    I like both colours on her but its good to have a change. She looks great with a bit more weight on her too

  • shirilicious

    On Ashlee the blond locks look great, but I strongly disagree that “many women look better as a blond” ;-). Quite the opposite.

  • Jane

    Who are these people?

  • Anonymous

    It appears Pete finally bathed himself! Still playing in Ashlee’s eyeliner I see…

  • LilNick

    I like her best as a blonde. As for Pete….he’s reminding me a lot of the pregnant man Thomas Beatty(?)….yuck!!!(shivers)

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