The Preston Family On Jett Travolta: “He Was One Of The Most Special, Loving Boys”

As we previously reported, John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s 16-year-old son, Jett Travolta, has died while vacationing with his family in the Bahamas.

Kelly’s mother, Linda Carlson, briefly spoke to OK! about the loss of her beloved grandson,

“He was one of the most special, loving boys. I thank God I had time to spend with him before Christmas.” Linda also released the following statement to Us magazine: “I am devastated. He was the light of our lives.”

Kelly’s brother, Chris Palzis, also spoke about their loss: “We’re all devastated. It’s definitely a bad time. That’s all I have to say.”

Jett reportedly suffered from Kawasaki Syndrome, a condition that often leads to heart disease. However, reports have stated that Jett actually had autism, something John and Kelly have repeatedly denied.

Photo: FAME, circa 1994

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  • Maxine

    While my heart goes out to John, Kelly and the entire family, my nephew had Kawaski disease, he had none of the signs and issues that Jett had…I don’t understand, it is easy to see Jett suffered from something, but his parents wanted to keep it private which is their choice. I don’t understand how your 16 y/o son goes into a bathroom and no one finds him until 10am the next day? I did bedchecks for my oldest sons until they moved out…sigh… sad the loss of child is never an easy thing. I wish them the best.

  • Dea

    Regardless of the circumstances for the cause of death, it’s definitely beyond devastating to lose a child. My heart goes out to the Travoltas. Hope everyone will give them their privacy at this grieving time.

  • Suzy

    Those Autism rumors just wont go away but I have to say that I don’t believe them. I just wonder why they would admit to one disease but deny another? It just doesn’t make sense.

  • Carolina

    I cannot begin to imagine te pain they must be going through. My heart goes out to them, poor family!

  • Susannah

    “Those Autism rumors just wont go away but I have to say that I don’t believe them. I just wonder why they would admit to one disease but deny another? It just doesn’t make sense.”

    Scientologists don’t acknowledge Autism as an illness or developmental problem, in fact Scientologists say that the disease doesn’t even exist! According to the Church of Scientology, people with disabilities like autism are classified as “degraded” and capable of curing themselves by working harder on the church’s teachings and that detoxification, vitamins, etc. are the solution to these problems.
    I guess the Travoltas can’t say that their child had Autism (if he had it at all) since for them that disease is for non-scientologists who are not “enlightened” by L. Ron Hubbard’s teachings.
    It’s a very tragic situation for everyone, especially Jett who had his whole life ahead of him.

  • Sanja

    I’m very offended in the name of all the people who do have Kawasaki Syndrome (like my cousin) that someone would give this picture of the illness to the world. Now everyone is asking if it’s safe to leave my cousin alone because he may have a siasure, which Kawasaki doesn’t cause! I can only imagine how it is for the Littrel’s whose son was just diagnosed with Kawasaki. Not to mentioned how degrading they are to people with autism!

  • Rachel

    I can’t help but think that if this was a family in middle America…say Christians, they would be burned at the stake for not being forthcoming about their child’s illness and the innuendos of their contributing to that child’s death due to negligence based on their religious beliefs would be spouted everywhere in the media.

    Why is it everyone is suppose to turn the other way at the possibility of negligence in this case, when it wouldn’t be tolerated if the family wasn’t of celebrity status?

    I understand this is a hard time for people that were close to Jett and I’m not saying the Travoltas did anything wrong, but people’s attitude on many forums of “It doesn’t matter what their beliefs were” or “Who cares if he had Autism or not” are statements of blind reverence to mere humans that make mistakes and can be wrong too!

    Just saying…

  • Dea

    @Rachel, understandably these speculations will not go away but today is the 2nd day of their sons death, I dont think today is the day for blame.

  • Sarita

    People need to know they don’t actually know this family. From the few photos/videos they have seen over the years they are claiming to know exactly was wrong with this boy. Please think and than realize that you don’t know!

    Even doctors can’t diagnose from a photo, why do all the celeb watchers think they can?

    BTW In the other thread someone said her son with Kawasaki does suffer seizures.

  • Rachel

    @Dea…so when is the right time to ask questions? For families that are non celebrities, the authorities don’t give them a time of grieving if they believe there is suspicion among one or more of the family members in a child’s death. There’s definite special treatment going on…jmo.

    And to Sarita, I never ventured a guess as to a diagnosis. Just saying that there have been other parents of various religious beliefs who’s children died due to non treatment or wanting to believe in faith based healing and they were attacked viciously by the media and authorities.

    And it doesn’t take an expert to see the newest video footage of Jett to see that he was a disabled person. I have a nephew that suffers severe autism and it is easy to tell by physical traits those that are of some spectrums of autism.

    People say “you don’t know them” so you can’t question them. But you don’t know them either so how can you speak for them and stick up for their beliefs and actions? It’s not like sticking up for them on a public forum is going to win you good favor with them! lol

    Celebrities = humans that just happen to make a lot of money…not gods and not necessarily good role models for that matter.

    Anywho…just speaking up where many seem afraid to do so. Back to real life now.

  • Tif

    real life?!? This IS their real life.

    Nothing they did or didn’t do will bring him back.

    RIP Jett

  • Rachel

    Real life as in not being a person that lives vicariously through celebrities. When people look the other way and don’t raise questions just because the people being discussed are “celebrities” then that person(s) is living in a fantasy world.

    And before the tired old comment gets thrown out of “well, then don’t visit the site….”, I’ll just say that I come here to enjoy the pictures of cute babies and children, not be so star struck by the parents that I can’t think as an adult in the real world. But that’s my opinion…

    And you’re right, he can’t be brought back, but maybe, just maybe, it could have been prevented if people didn’t look the other way. I feel sorry for Jett, not because he’s now in a better place, but because for so many years, no one raised questions enough to make sure he was getting the medical attention he needed.

    This is all I will say on the subject. If people are still so star stuck that they can’t even be unbiased about a situation, then there’s no hope for any further dialog.

  • Sarita

    Rachel I am not sticking up for them at all I am just sick of people basically accusing them of killing their son! As you said we don’t know them and if you don’t know what they did or didn’t know we shouldn’t accuse them of something as horrible as that.

    Yes we can see from the video he was disabled, that doesn’t mean he didn’t get treatment for that or help. He had a caretaker. We don’t know if he was seeing doctors or if treatment was withheld. Not every disabled person is autistic, he could have had something completely different that caused seizures.

    Hunter Tylo’s son drowned after a seizure I think and she only took him to a psychologist for it. I didn’t see outcry anywhere near these accusations against Travolta.

  • Audrey

    We don’t know all of this child’s health issues, or how he was tended to, or actually anything about his day to day life. And there is a good reason for it. It is a private matter of a family. If they chose to live their life privately then the public actually has no right to any of the information except that which they chose to share. Being famous and rich does not take away your HIPPA rights. I don’t want people to know my business why should they not feel the same?

  • Dianna

    I had a severe case of Kawasaki Syndrome when I was a child and to my knowledge and experience it does not cause seizures. My health was monitored until age 16 with yearly check-ups with my pediatrician. I have absolutely no effects from it and am a healthy adult. If it goes untreated it can lead to complications and even death. 16 year olds don’t usually have it 80% of cases are children between the ages of 2-5 however I was 7 when I had it.

    Whatever caused Jett’s death it is a very sad time for the Travoltas one I hope I personally will never have to experience myself. It’s such a loss and a shame.

  • Tif

    is it just me? ….or does Rachel need to get a “real-life”?

    No offence Rachel, “just speaking up where many seem afraid to do so”!


  • Rachel

    LOL…pretty good comeback Tif! lol BTW, no offense taken 😉

  • Dea

    I have same questions in my mind as you do Rachel, believe me but I just think it’s not appropriate to question it right the second they are still grieving. And no, we arent star struck nor I think of them as special right now because they are celebrity. I think of them as a parent, who are in great loss..your “questions” can wait!! and oh yeah, go get back to your real life please!

  • I was just trying to find pictures of the Travolta Family and this came along. I feel so sorry for them in all the negativity they have to put up with after what has happened to them. ONLY because of the choice of career. Basically, it is nobodys business how they took care of his son. So many children have died in families and at least the get to morn in PEACE!!!

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