Ava & Oscar Jackman Keep It Fun

Actor Hugh Jackman and his two children, 8-year-old son Oscar Maximillian and 3-year-old daughter Ava Eliot were seen out and about in the West Village.

While Hugh unloaded some bags and toys from their car, Oscar enjoyed his scooter and Ava played with her toy doll.

Photos: DISCIULLO/bauergriffinonline.com / Splash

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  1. Amy

    Ava always looks really untidy to me

  2. ivy

    i agree. they make her look like a little boy too.

  3. Cassie

    I know that the Jackman kids are adopted. Does Ava have any health problems or medical diagnoses? No offense to anyone, but she looks “odd”. As a nurse, I am wondering…

  4. Sarita

    She only looks “odd” in some photos, you aren’t always captured at you best you know!

    I think these children are cute! They are always dressed original but still normal.

    Love this down to earth family!

  5. Dannie

    Wow, even though I said no offense, people still think they can be rude. It was an innocent question which deserved a simple yes or no, not an opinion.

  6. Susannah

    I’m confused, how is what Sarita wrote rude? Ava really is cute in most photos, adorable really but here she doesn’t look her best and like Sarita wrote, you aren’t always captured at your best.
    As far as I’ve heard when seeing her mother speak about her adoption and in seeing her in other photos, Ava is just fine.

  7. Anonymous

    Dannie Sarita wasn’t being rude at all, chill out!

  8. Sanja

    Ava is not sick! She looks ‘odd’ in some pictures because she’s a mixed race child (I think she has Asian, Latino, white and some Native American genes).

  9. Dannie

    Sanja, thanks for your info re: her mixed race. That totally explains her look (and she does have one). She’s cute as a button, but around the eyes she has reminded me of a child with Down’s Syndrome. After a Web search, I see a lot of people have questioned that. Thank you for answering my question without being sarcastic, rude, or condescending.

  10. Amy

    i must admit, i thought she had a touch of downs syndrome when i looked at this photo too.

  11. Lioness

    I love these two, both are them are so friggin’ cute. I don’t like to compare kids, or people in general for that matter, to one another, because everyone’s beautiful in their own way- so I’ll just say that in my humble opinion, the Jackman kids are very aesthetically pleasing 🙂 There’s not one time- including this one- that I have seen a picture of Ava and not smiled.

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