The Parker-Brodericks See A Broadway Show

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker and husband, fellow actor Matthew Broderick, took their 6-year-old son James Wilkie to see the Broadway musical production of Hairspray on Sunday.

A great picture of Sarah and James was included in our Best Pictures of 2008.


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  1. Anonymous

    Wtf is that kid wearing …poor thing

  2. Rinoa

    For all we know, James picks out his outfits himself.

  3. Lily

    Are you kidding me with the pants?? Seriously. Is he going to wear the same pants until they become Daisy-Dukes on him?

  4. Amanda

    for the love of god people SHUT UP with the pants comments aready!Every single pic that is posted of this kid someone has to make a big deal out of the pants!!Get over it!It’s not hurting him to wear pants that are a couple inches to short jesus!For all we know James may prefer the short pants,I have a nephew who is thirteen and absolutely REFUSES to wear a pair of jeans,in fact he doesn’t even own a pair.That’s how much he hates them and doesn’t want to wear them.

  5. Beth

    Who cares about that pants?! What about the fact that her HUSBAND is like a good 10 feet behind her carrying a purse-like bag?! Whats going on with this marriage?

  6. Peta

    Amanda – At least no one mentioned his hair. That was the ruckus I was looking out for.

  7. Tara

    I’m sorry i have to chime in about the pants too, they are ridiculous. Who lets there kid wear too small sweats to a Broadway show, dress the kid up for god sakes. I’m really surprised considering his mom always looks so great.

  8. shirilicious

    I think that James looks gorgeous in this outfit. Those are not your regular high water pants, but the now very fashionable 7/8 trousers. Not kidding. His simple black jacket looks nice too. Considering they went to a Broadway show this kid is actually properly dressed. Stylish, that is.
    But some of you are so obsessed with his pants, that you wouldn’t recognize fashion if it hit you right in the face.

  9. Amanda

    I see nothing wrong with his pants or hair,he isn’t my kid he can dress and wear his hair the way he wants. Any kid I know rarely keeps their hair well kempt after their parent’s brush it,it always gets messed up and it’s windy in nyc so I’m sure that makes his hair look a little messy and its long so it would look messier.As someone else pointed out,those pants are made to look like that its just like the quater length sleeve’s on shirts they are supposed to be short and look like they aren’t long enough,it’s the style.

  10. Susannah

    Oh, the joys of being a New Yorker, taking your kid to a Broadway show on a Sunday afternoon, my mom did that for me too (while my dad and brothers stayed home to watch football, it was a mother, daughter thing) I always loved it and I’m sure James did too especially since both his parents were in Broadway musical theater productions!

  11. Cords

    I have to chime in about the pants…sorry Amanda 🙂

    Everytime I see this child in a picture he is wearing pants that are too short, I would like to see him wear normal length pants for once. His mom always looks her best when going out so why can’t James look nice when he is going out.

    To school, or play is fine but a night out on Broadway come on! 😉

    Oh and the white shoes…really!?!?!?

  12. Lioness

    He looks like he’s wearing knickers- what’s wrong with that? Maybe his parents like the way it looks. I’m not understanding why people care so much about this boy’s pants and/or hair. Why do people wish so badly to see him in longer pants- what effect is it going to have on your day, or even your viewing experience of him? I’m with Amanda, it’s kind of tired already… In every picture I’ve ever seen of James, he looks clean, well-fed, loved, and happy. As he should be. You’re all entitled to your opinion, of course, but I personally think we should leave the boy and his parents’ choices for his attire alone already.

  13. Amanda

    thank you Lioness,I agree with what you said.Very well stated,he does look happy,well fed and most of all loved.So who cares about the pants or hair?

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