A Set Of Footprints For Jerry O’Connell

Proud new father Jerry O’Connell showed off footprints of his newborn daughters, Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip, as he made his way back into the hospital to see his wife.

One of the twins was named after Rebecca’s favorite country music singer, Dolly Parton. Us reports that Charlie was named after Jerry’s brother:

“It’s a real honor” the younger brother of Jerry stated. “The spelling is the same way that they spell my name, so if I get into trouble with credit one day, I can always use hers,” the former Bachelor star joked.

His new nieces, who were born Dec. 28, are “real cute.” The proud uncle continued, “Charlie looks more like Jerry, and I think Dolly looks more like Rebecca.”

Charlie went on to say Rebecca and Jerry are “doing really good.” He added, “I think they’re not really getting that much sleep, which is to be expected. At any given time, one of them are up.”

Photo: Flynet

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I’m already bored by them. The parents not the babies. Sorry, congratulations and all, but I remember when the pregnancy was announced you could read a new quote from Jerry every single day. Thankfully Rebecca kept her sightings to a minimum, but now that the twins are born, Jerry is at it again. What is he doing these days besides promoting his family?


Blah, blah, blah!!! Who cares!!! I never liked Rebecca.

I do not like the names Charlie and Dolly – yuck!


I agree Janie, he is annoying.


I think he’s just really excited to be a parent. Wouldn’t anyone be?


I agree with the comments here esp. # 1 haha.

Anyway. Just an editorial note but it should read daughters not daughter’s . In this sentence it is not indicating possession so no use of apostrophe is needed.


i really like rebecca! idk about jerry though.