Courteney & Coco Go Hand-In-Hand

Courteney Cox Arquette was spotted picking up her 4-year-old daughter Coco from school on Monday.

The 44-year-old actress recently talked about the joys of motherhood and her struggles with infertility: “I can’t imagine life without a child; I don’t even remember what it was like four years ago. Coco is everything to me. We did a lot of in vitro fertilization, and it was tough. But we’d waited a few years before trying, and in retrospect I would say: don’t wait as long as I did, especially if you want more than one child.”

Photos: Flynet

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  • melanie

    Ahhh Coco and Courteney! My fav. celeb ladies! Coco is soo big!

  • Amanda

    sorry I just don’t find Coco cute,I think she looks like a boy.and wow Court ever hear of washing your hair?it looks nasty greasy.

  • I love Coco!
    she is so big!!

  • Katrina

    it just looks like she put too much hair product in it.. i dont think she has a hygeine problem lol

  • Lindsay

    Or maybe her hair is just wet…. but CoCo is a doll!

  • Wow Coco is sooo cute!!! She looks just like her daddy. Any I don’t think Courteney’s hair is greasy, I think it’s just wet from the shower, but who knows.

  • melanie

    WOW guys! i’m pretty sure her is is WET and not greasy! that’s pretty ride…

    and amanda, coco does not look like a little boy! she is absolutely adorable, probably at the top of cutest celeb kids…

  • Rosie

    Amanda what a horrible thing to say :O She does not look like a boy she is a very pretty adorable girl.
    And its far more likely that her hair is wet from having just washed it. She is hardly the type of person to leave her hair “greasy”. She probably just had a shower or something.

  • Amanda

    just my opinion I dont have to think Coco is cute ok?

  • melanie

    okay amanda, it’s your opinion, but it’s rude to say a 4-year-old looks like a little boy, and her mother has greasy hair and doesnt wash it!!

  • Amanda

    well I’m entitled to my opinions you don’t have to like them.

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