Happy 1st Birthday Harlow Madden!

Harlow Madden turns one year old today!

Full Name: Harlow Winter Kate Madden

Birthdate: January 11, 2008

Parents: Nicole Ritchie and Joel Madden

Siblings: None

Facts about her:

• Name was voted the best celebrity baby name of 2008 by both our readers and those at babynames.com; she also won two Celebrity Baby Scoop’s Readers Choice Awards for Favorite Baby Name and Favorite New Baby!

Nicole has had lots to say about her daughter!

“She likes to dress up. You can see it in her face. She just loves dressing up; she loves putting on tights and bows and stuff like that,” Richie says. “I’m not too caught up in her fashion at the moment. I just let her wear what’s comfortable for her. But she loves those tights.”

“Harlow’s a delicate soul. She studies people. She’s very coy.”

Click here to see more of Harlow!

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  1. Carolina

    Already? O my gosh, time flies! 🙂 Happy B-day to her!

  2. justme

    i think you got the year wrong, she was born 2008. otherwise she would already be 2 now…

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