Jessica & Honor Hit The Park

Jessica Alba and her smiley 7-month-old daughter Honor Marie were spotted enjoying another outing at the park. Jessica fed Honor a bottle as they took a break from swinging and playing.

I love Honor’s hairdo! 😉


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  • tess

    she looks a lot like her daddy. but she’s a cute little baby girl.

  • Heidi

    These photos are so staged!

  • jhooo

    So cute! Thanks for the lovely pics of Jessica and her wee one!

  • shirilicious

    Heidi, that is exactly what I was thinking. Alba tamed her inner bitch to go out and play happy mother-daughter bonding. Sure, she loves her kid and little Honor is a cutie, but those set of photos lately scream “Hey, look at me, I’m a doting mother now, now go and love me.”

  • Leandra

    They’re not staged. She is allowed to take her daughter to the park and can’t help it if the paps are hanging around the playground taking photos.

  • ll

    I love how actresses get tagged as “bitch” for not smiling for the paparazzi but when they relax around their kids, it’s staged. You can’t win for losing, apparently, for some people.

  • Devin

    Love Jessica she can’t win.

  • Lala

    Read some of her interviews and see if you still don’t think she is a biotch.

  • Devin

    Just because she’s a btich, a matter of opinion, doesn’t mean the affection she shows for her child in public is staged.

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