Evan Spots The Shutterbugs

Jenny McCarthy’s 6-year-old son, Evan Joseph, spots the paparazzi at LAX on Sunday.

Jenny recently claimed that she helped Even recover from autism: “I heard Evan laugh…I jumped on the bed and started screaming. When he finally hugged me, I prayed, ‘Please God don’t let this be the only time.’ I made a deal with God. I said, ‘You fix my boy, you show me the way and I’ll teach the world how I did it.’”

Photos: MO/GVK/bauergriffinonline.com

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  • antigoniem

    Not to sound mean or rude, How did he “recover” from autism. Just wondering what to expect if one is recovered.

  • Jennie

    For those who know autism and know how it works, it is obvious he most likely did not have it at all. She claims that he did, and he very well may have been diagnosed as such, but you do not recover from autism. She is running at the mouth and giving false hope to parents everywhere. Just like she is killing children by telling parents not to get their children vaccinated just because autism is diagnosed at around the same time as children get vaccinated. They are just looking for someone to blame, and putting children everywhere at much higher risk for diseases.

  • Jen (the other one)

    Actually, you can recover from autism…with extremely intensive behavior therapy. I don’t know why this isn’t mentioned more with all the coverage autism gets in the news…Dr. Ivar Lovaas has been doing this work for over 30 years. http://www.lovaas.com for more info.

  • Jennie

    you can become better adjusted, but the symptoms never go away. they have been doing studies that are wondering if all of the kids who are diagnosed with autism actually have it. Parents are just so insistent for an answer that doctors are just saying autism. Autism covers such a wide range that there is no scientific way that it can actually be the same disorder.

  • Sarita

    So she has the cure why aren’t all people affected by autism getting it right now? I’m sure most parents would try this method if it would have even a chance of working.

    So set up a study, take a group of 25 volunteers and prove you can cure autism.

  • Rachel

    Actually, there are many children that have been injured by vaccines and had the symptoms reversed by natural means of eliminating toxic metals from the body…including Autism. It’s called Chelation.

    Some of you might want to do more research before spouting off that Autism isn’t curable and that NOT vaccinating is “killing children”. Give me a break! People are going green these days and want chemicals taken out of food, out of household cleaners, out of the air…yet they have no problem injecting them directly into their children’s bodies! That is retarded! And by the way, Jenny isn’t anti vaccine, she’s just calling for the drug companies to be accountable for what they put into the vaccines and that they change what they are doing by producing “green vaccines”. Sounds quite reasonable to me!!! In fact, it might be what some call “common sense”!

    Here’s an article that is starting to show proof that Autism can very well be linked to environment…which would include vaccines.


  • kris

    Agree with Jennie’s ( #4) comment. And I think Jenny McCarthy’s views on vaccination aren’t mine, but she is a wonderful mother.

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