Heath Ledger’s Golden Globe Will Go To Matilda

Actor Heath Ledger passed away nearly a year ago, but yesterday, he won his first Golden Globe Award, Best Supporting Actor for his role as The Joker in The Dark Knight, which has, to date, earned $997 million worldwide, making it the second-highest grossing film ever, behind Titanic. Heath’s mother, Sally, says that the award will end where it belongs: with his 3-year-old daughter, Matilda Rose.

“I should imagine that eventually it will be going to Matilda,” Sally Bell says from her home in Perth, Australia, in an exclusive interview. “At this stage she is only so young, but down the track she will have all these things. It will belong to her because she is part of him.”

Sally also said she and the rest of the family are “bursting with pride” over her son’s recognition for playing the Joker, a role he “loved.”

“It is such a fantastic and wonderful legacy for his daughter. Matilda will have so many people who will be able to speak to her about her father’s abilities and [the] respect he had in the industry. That is such a wonderful legacy to leave,” she says.

Heath’s family knew he would win the Golden Globe before they boarded a flight to the US from Australia, and that there were “a few tears.”

“There is a lot of emotion tied up in this and we have to deal with that emotion first before we can relax and enjoy the moment, if you know what I mean,” she explains, adding that Heath would have appreciated the acknowledgment from his peers. “That’s what meant the most to him really,” she says.

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  • Sarita

    When he overdosed many people said it was because of this film right? Because it was so dark he started taking these drugs. Maybe there is no truth in that, otherwise how could they be so happy with this film.

  • Sarita – I think a lot of people were saying that it was because of The Dark Knight that he started having trouble sleeping, and that’s why he was taking sleeping pills in the first place. I don’t k now if that’s actually true but those were the rumors.

  • shirilicious

    The cutest little girl!

  • Lala

    I read that he wanted to play a dark character that actually looked like he never slept and so he started staying up and eventually became an insomniac and then started taking pills because he was trying to remedy that. I also read that the director of the film said that was untrue and that he didn’t appear to have any problems at all. I think that the Joker was the best character I have seen on screen in a long time. He made that film. I have seen it at least 5 times. I feel sad for Matilda, but she will grow up knowing her dad was adored and respected by many. Still, it is a shame.

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