Naomi Watts Walks The Red Carpet

Since giving birth to son Sammy almost a month ago, Naomi Watts has been vacationing in the Hamptons with her fiance, Liev Schreiber, and their older son Alexander ‘Sasha’, 17 months. The family returned to New York City Monday in time for the premiere of Liev’s World War II drama, Defiance, where she debuted a fabulous post-baby body. So how did she do it?

“I’m breast feeding. And he’s sucking it all out of me, it seems. And when the baby comes out, it’s a lot of weight right there.”

Speaking of her two sons, Naomi says they are “very different,”

“Sammy’s more fragile, in a way. But I don’t know, maybe I’ve forgotten how small they are. Sasha is only 17 months old. And I’ve also got this big baby right here,” she said, pointing to Schreiber at her side on the red carpet.

“We had Sasha when we were shooting this movie in Lithuania. So it’s kind of a treat … and now we’ve got Sammy,” Liev added.

And who was watching the boys while they couple walked the red carpet? “We have a great nanny,” explained dad.

Photo: Flynet

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  • Linda

    Wasn’t their son born in december? Which would make him only 1 month old? Anyway, she looks fabulous, as always!

  • gia

    she looks amazing…that is from MORE than just breastfeeding…all my friends with kids breastfed them & they never looked this phenomenal after just one month! gosh, they even eat well & work out a bit & they still dont look this fantastic….she started off skinny & she must have incredible genes or something, that must have something to do with it.

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