Jerry O’Connell Debuts Twins On Regis & Kelly

Jerry O’Connell cohosted Live with Regis and Kelly with Kelly Ripa on Friday morning and gushed about his 19-day-old twin girls, Dolly and Charlie. PEOPLE reports that the proud new papa couldn’t stop talking about his girls: “I don’t want to be one of those guys who is like, ‘Look at my babies.’ The second you have kids, you can’t help but be like, ‘I happen to have some photos of my children.'”

Since welcoming the twins, Jerry has become hygiene-obsessed and washes his hands “all the time.” He also said he’s refraining from baby talk around the girls. “I really try to not speak in baby talk. I want them to be intelligent.”

The 34-year-old actor is thrilled that he and wife Rebecca Romijn had twins. “These are my first kids and Rebecca’s first kids, and you can’t imagine just have one. It’s so much fun to have two of them. You throw them in the crib and they just play with each other.”

Jerry also told Kelly that Rebecca is an amazing mother: “I have to give a lot of kudos to my wife. [She] is now waking up every three hours and doing what we call the ‘Double Football.’ They eat at the same time!”

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  • Sanja

    They’re so cute and tiny! Did they say how much they weighted at birth? They must have been over 5 pounds to go home so soon. And cudos to Rebecca for breast feeding twins! One was hard enough, I can’t imagine two at the same time!?

  • anonymous

    They are so precious!

  • melanie

    cute girls but when he said “I really try to not speak in baby talk. I want them to be intelligent.”

    …really? if u talk baby talk, the kids won’t be intelligent?

  • Erika

    Jerry said this morning that Charlie was 7lbs and Dolly was 5lbs :o)

  • ivy

    if you talk to your kids with bad grammar and pronunciation then that’s what they learn. then the have to re-learn it all again the proper way in school. might as well teach them the proper way from the beginning.

  • Jennie

    Actually most studies show that motherese (baby talk) encourages earlier talking and makes them more likely to be more intelligent. somebody needs to brush up on their science.

  • melanie

    you’re right jennie.
    i’m sure just about every mother (myself included) talks baby talk to their babies. it would sound silly talking to a 3 month old baby like their 17.

  • Katrina

    Everyone uses a happy melodic voice, which is what science is referring to about helping to encourage infants to learn our speech patterns, when talking to babies, but im sure hes talking about poeple who go nuts with baby talk, saying thigs like omydoodness sucha wittle baybee !! etc etc.

  • Kaelyn-aubrey

    such pretty babies

  • Sanja

    Erika, really? That seems to be quite a difference. There doesn’t seem to be a 2 pound discrepancy between them.

  • Jennie

    Science is actually referring to all simplifications. Including using w instead of l. because it is much easier for a child to say w instead of l, so if they learn that first, they are able to speak sooner and learn more.

  • Erika

    Sanja, yep! He said that 1 was 7lbs, then joked and laughed when he couldnt remember WHICH daughter it was saying “I really do know my kids, ha ha ha” Then said it was Charlier and that Dolly was 5lbs. I’ve seen him co-host that show before and he always seemed a little annoying…but this time he seemed just smitten with the girls, too adorable!

  • Erika

    Oops!! *Charlie*

  • Sanja

    Thanx, Erika! Wow, they were bigger than some single births. Great weight for twins!

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