Kingston Plays With The Paps

Gotcha! A playful Kingston Rossdale played with the paparazzi and even grabbed one of the aiming lenses as the A-List family was being photographed on the weekend in LA.

This is an interesting glimpse of a day in the life of a celebrity tot. Kingston usually seems unfazed by the paps. What other celeb tots seem to be somewhat comfortable with the prying paparazzi?

Photos: Splash

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  1. JennyLoo

    Wow I have to give it to that family. They always seem so natural around the paparazzi. I don’t think I could do that, I would be going nuts with all those “strangers” surrounding my kids all the time.

  2. They have a video at X17 – Kingston was really having fun with them. I guess that’s really your only choice when you get followed like that.

  3. Jess

    The Rossdale’s do it best what do you think ??? 😉

  4. moldiny

    i don’t think kingston is ‘unfazed’ by them most of the time. Most of the videos that i’ve seen of him he always does this thing where he holds his hand out to the paps and shouts ‘NOOOO’. In one he even told the paps ‘i shut the door’ and shut the door in their face whilst he was in a store with his parents.

  5. Emily

    Moldiny, I saw that video as well. I think your exaggerating because I believe the nanny was the one who closed the door because there were way too many cameras flashing at Kingston’s face. Anyways overall, Kingston is always a happy little kid!

  6. melanie

    aww! i saw that vid the other day! it is soo cute, he’s laughing and having fun with the freaks!

  7. Kaelyn-aubrey

    kingston is so adorble

  8. gia

    Violet Affleck is usually pretty comfortable, so are Jolies kids, Posh’s kids also seem used to it all.

  9. melanie

    i think it’s sad that they have to get used to them 🙁

  10. Lala

    I agree that its sad, I feel a little better because he dosen’t seem to be traumatized by it. Maybe their parents make a game of it or something, or they are reacting to how their parents handle it, notice that dad Gavin is smiling too.

  11. CRHF

    i’m sure there is psychological trauma behind the seemingly happy faces, although it might not happen to them all. Just think, if you were surrounded by so much attention for so long, wouldn’t you miss it after it disappears? (when moving away to college, etc..) this is when you start seeing people like lindsay lohan and paris hilton who will do anything for attention. it’s quite sad.

    not to mention the fact that these paparazzi will go as far as causing a car accident to get a decent shot of your newborn..

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